May Highlights



My goal for the month of May was to get 6-7 hours of sleep each night and drink the recommended amount of water. I did great getting 6-7 hours of sleep but not so much on the water. I feel like the sleep helped with my running and overall feeling better. But I need to start incorporating weights or some type of cross training into my workouts. So my goal for the month of June is to do at least one day a week of cross training.

I did buy myself Garmin Forerunner 225 running watch for my birthday. And I absolutely love it!! If you are in the market for a running watch, I would check out Amazon. I bought mine at a discounted price and it works amazing. My full review is to come in the next week or so but check them out. This watch is amazing!!


I absolutely love this bra. If you have a hard time finding running bras, I recommend this- Moving Comfort Women’s Juno Bra! You can find my review here. In the next week, I will have had this Sports Bra for a month and I have no complaints. It is still a little difficult to get on but I am used to it now and it takes half the time it did when I first started using it.



Total milage: 57

Books I’ve Read:

Feb reading

I read a lot of two star books this month. One of my favorite books came out this month was Good Girl. I did the review a while back but you can find it here. Check out the review, I know you will love it. The books is full of strong characters with sassy banter. You can buy it on Amazon for $3.99.  Good Girl (Love Unexpectedly)

My Favorite book this month was My Perfect Mistake. I really do love strong female characters with sassy personalities. And this book has it!! This is definitely a series to keep your eye on. It’s funny, sexy, and at times heartbreaking. I loved the emotions each character went through and the real life problems they had to overcome.



Draw really disappointed me. In a way this book is about starting over and second chances. And I liked what the author did with Millie’s character. But the book got to the point that I skimmed most of it because I couldn’t stomach what was happening or I was bored. I’m not sure I could recommend this book to anyone.

If you missed my other reviews, here is a list of books I read this month:

Manhandled (Hammered #2)
His to Protect (Fireside, #2)
The Way of the Runner
Brave Enough (Tall, Dark, and Dangerous #3)
The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave #2)
The Sway (Classified #1)

Fun and Interesting Posts:

I Reached 100 Followers!! Again, I want to thank everyone for following my blog. I never thought I would get to this point but I am over the moon that I did!

May is Celiac Awareness Month. I actually wrote two posts about this. The posts were a bit outside of my norm, so I don’t think very many of you looked at them. But if you wanted to know more about what Celiacs is, you can find that here. Or if you want to see the kind of diet I have to stick to, you can read more about that here.

And lets not forget this post- Jurassic Park to my Front Yard. I still can’t believe how bad my front yard actually was. And I am not being dramatic, I have pictures to prove it!!

Jurassic Park to My Front Yard

Hi everyone, I am sorry for my absence this week. I hated not being able to post and connect with you. Now that I am over the hurdle, I finally have time to write a post and let you know what has kept my attention this last week.

A year ago this month, my husband and I bought our first house. The house is a fixer-upper but we loved it and are not afraid of a little hard work. Which brings me to our yard. Welcome to Jurassic Park, I mean my front yard…

Pretty much if you could think of it, it was in our yard. Our house sits on half an acre but most of that was covered in trees, brush, random flowers, bushes, and ferns.. oh the ferns. It was a nightmare. Everyone know who we were based on our yard. The first thing all four of our neighbors said to us when we moved in was, “So, are you going to do anything to the yard?” It really is as bad and the pictures look.

Phase One:

Last Fall I just couldn’t handle it anymore. My husband and I spent all summer working on the back yard (which was just as bad as the front) and didn’t touch the front. There is just only so much I can handle and I was at my breaking point. I went out into the front yard with the mindset that I would just take care of the ferns. But once I got started, I just couldn’t stop.

After words I felt so much better! Our front yard no longer resembled Jurassic Park and you could actually see our house from the street. Even though this was a great improvement, there still was a lot of work needing to be done.


The previous owner not only brought in mounds of dirt, she also brought in piles upon piles of wood chips and rocks.

Phase Two:

So this brings us to this week. We actually weren’t planning on tackling the front yard just yet. But our neighbor across the street came over and asked if me wanted to use his skid loader, free of charge. We couldn’t afford to turn that offer down and got started. While my husband worked during the day and the kids were taking a nap, I was busy transplanting, digging, and moving the flowers/plants I wanted to keep.


When my husband would come home, he would jump in the skid loader and start leveling, digging, and removing all the dirt, shrubs, tree stumps, etc.  from the yard. Then it got to the point while he was doing that, I was doing the same thing but with a shovel. Once everything was removed, we took to the rakes and had to manually pick up or rake the rest of the wood chips and rocks.

I can’t even begin to explain how much my back, hips, and hands kill. We added three perennial gardens with a boarder to keep the wood chips where they belong.


I know the yard is not done and still needs some work. Today we are going to put grass seed down with mulch on top. But I can’t help but feel like the yard looks better. I know it’s a dirt yard right now but it’s better than the forest it was.

Again, I apologize for being away but I had no choice. Let me know what you think of the transformation. I hope we didn’t make it worse. All I want is to not be the disgrace of the neighborhood. And I think we are almost there..