Writing Prompt Wednesday

Todays focus is going to be – Points of view. As writers, we all have our favorites that we go to. Personally, I almost always use first person when I write. What can I say, it’s my comfort zone and it’s the easiest thing for me to write.

But sometimes the bubble of our comfort zone needs to be popped because lets face it, writing in first person point of view wont work with every story. Some stories it seems more natural or you are able to provide more detail that otherwise would have been lost if told in second or third person.

For today’s exercise, you’re going to write in second person! Don’t delete it if you don’t like it, just keep writing. The point isn’t to make something perfect, it’s to step outside of what you’re used to. Write a poem, write a story, write a CYOA! But have some fun!

200 words minimum, 750 words maximum.

The rules are simple:

  1. Be Kind!! It takes tremendous guts to put yourself (your writing) out there. So please support your fellow writers. And if you don’t have at least one nice thing to say, don’t say anything at all.
  2. As always, criticism is allowed as long the writer wanting this. If you are wanting criticism or others to comment on your prompt, please add a note at the bottom that is separate from your prompt stating how you would like others to respond.
  3. Have fun! This isn’t supposed to be serious.

PromptHe’s got eyes like quicksilver.

Ok, here is mine:

He’s got eyes like quicksilver and the glasses he wears do nothing to diminish their effect. With shaggy brown hair ending just above his frames and lips you can’t seem to stop staring at, he is a temptation you will always regret walking away from. But knowing you have no other choice, you look down at your feet and can’t help but wish you were anywhere but here. Because being here feels like a tortuous nightmare.

Without needing to look at the clock, you already know time is running out and all that is left is goodbye. In a nervous gesture, you reach up to push loose strands of hair behind your ear. But his hand sweeps across your cheek, simultaneously pushing your hair back and caressing your skin. Although it shouldn’t be, the gesture is both familiar and comforting. Closing your eyes, tremors drift down your body despite your attempts at hiding your reaction to his touch.

“Don’t tell me you changed your mind?” His voice is both deep and warm as it heats the skin around your neck and ear. With a slight jump, your eyes open and immediately connect with his. Meer inches from your body, he leans forward to place a soft kiss on your cheek. What should have been an innocent enough jester between two friends has you desperate to taste the softness of his lips against your own.

Leaning back slightly, he searches your eyes before moving back in and placing a lingering kiss that is both on and beside the corner of your mouth. Your mouth slightly opens and you feel his lips close around the top corner of yours. A mixture of regret and excitement settles in your stomach as you realized you just kissed your sisters ex-husband.

Feeling his lips glide across yours in what you know will be the kiss you’ve been waiting to feel, you say, “Of course not. That would be silly.” But your voice comes out slightly hesitant and the lie easily detectable. His mouth lingers for a second before he steps back. His responding laugh is rough and the lightness in his mood turns sour.

“Of course not.” He says mockingly before adding, “I guess we’re still pretending we don’t exist,” The disappointment is evident as he shakes his head before taking another step back. The space between the two of you seems a mile long with every opportunity you missed out on settling like a brick wall. All you would have to do is reach out and touch him, knowing he would be yours if you asked. But instead you squeeze your hands into tight fists, turning your knuckles white.

Frustrated with yourself, you look away and push the tears back. This isn’t supposed to be what you wanted because he is the one person you can never have. Regaining your composure, you look up to say goodbye but find he is already passing through security. Never once does he look back as he walks out of your life. You are left standing there thinking maybe, just maybe, you should have kissed him back.

*** I am open to all and any comments/criticisms***