Review Policy

I am currently accepting books from authors and publishers. You can contact me about reviewing your book at:

When I review a book, I look for consistency with the characters, realistic attributes, creativity, uniqueness, and the overall flow of the book.

I try my best to review as many books as I can but unfortunately I can’t read everything. After all, I’m married, I have two little boys, and I would like to train for a half marathon. If for some reason I am not able to review your book, please don’t take it personally. Like I mentioned, I try to read as many books as I can but sometimes there just isn’t enough time.

All my reviews are honest and I am more than happy to inform my readers how I came across this book, etc. Just let me know prior to posting my review if you would like me to specifically mention the publisher or place I received the book from.

If I review your book, I would be interested in doing an Author Bio or an informal interview on the author. If you are interested in this, please let me know.