A friend, cup of coffee, and the inspiration I needed to start writing again.


I picked up my book today and I started writing.

Wow, I can’t believe I can say that. It has been a really long time since I have felt the itch, desire, or creativity to write. And all because a friend, a cup of coffee, and an inspiring Tuesday Talk. And what a mess I have made. I am hoping this will be for the best but time will tell.

I can’t remember exactly when I stopped writing but I do remember why. I was stuck in a chapter I couldn’t get to flow right and something was bugging me about the book. I decided to take a week off, to see if I could hash this out in my brain. Well, a week turned into a couple, which turned into a couple more, and before I knew it, I was on sabbatical.



After months and out of nowhere, something clicked. I started thinking about the book again and how I needed to change this one idea. Not only would the book flow better, but the plot would make more sense. If only that one idea wasn’t such a big change.

Today I have worked through the first chapter, again, and made the changes to the character. I still need to get through the rest of the chapters I wrote but I don’t think I will need to change much.

All in all, it felt great to write. And I wonder if this book will ever make it past the editing, creating, and editing some more. Looks like time will tell 🙂

Writing Prompt Wednesday

Todays focus is going to be – Points of view. As writers, we all have our favorites that we go to. Personally, I almost always use first person when I write. What can I say, it’s my comfort zone and it’s the easiest thing for me to write.

But sometimes the bubble of our comfort zone needs to be popped because lets face it, writing in first person point of view wont work with every story. Some stories it seems more natural or you are able to provide more detail that otherwise would have been lost if told in second or third person.

For today’s exercise, you’re going to write in second person! Don’t delete it if you don’t like it, just keep writing. The point isn’t to make something perfect, it’s to step outside of what you’re used to. Write a poem, write a story, write a CYOA! But have some fun!

200 words minimum, 750 words maximum.

The rules are simple:

  1. Be Kind!! It takes tremendous guts to put yourself (your writing) out there. So please support your fellow writers. And if you don’t have at least one nice thing to say, don’t say anything at all.
  2. As always, criticism is allowed as long the writer wanting this. If you are wanting criticism or others to comment on your prompt, please add a note at the bottom that is separate from your prompt stating how you would like others to respond.
  3. Have fun! This isn’t supposed to be serious.

PromptHe’s got eyes like quicksilver.

Ok, here is mine:

He’s got eyes like quicksilver and the glasses he wears do nothing to diminish their effect. With shaggy brown hair ending just above his frames and lips you can’t seem to stop staring at, he is a temptation you will always regret walking away from. But knowing you have no other choice, you look down at your feet and can’t help but wish you were anywhere but here. Because being here feels like a tortuous nightmare.

Without needing to look at the clock, you already know time is running out and all that is left is goodbye. In a nervous gesture, you reach up to push loose strands of hair behind your ear. But his hand sweeps across your cheek, simultaneously pushing your hair back and caressing your skin. Although it shouldn’t be, the gesture is both familiar and comforting. Closing your eyes, tremors drift down your body despite your attempts at hiding your reaction to his touch.

“Don’t tell me you changed your mind?” His voice is both deep and warm as it heats the skin around your neck and ear. With a slight jump, your eyes open and immediately connect with his. Meer inches from your body, he leans forward to place a soft kiss on your cheek. What should have been an innocent enough jester between two friends has you desperate to taste the softness of his lips against your own.

Leaning back slightly, he searches your eyes before moving back in and placing a lingering kiss that is both on and beside the corner of your mouth. Your mouth slightly opens and you feel his lips close around the top corner of yours. A mixture of regret and excitement settles in your stomach as you realized you just kissed your sisters ex-husband.

Feeling his lips glide across yours in what you know will be the kiss you’ve been waiting to feel, you say, “Of course not. That would be silly.” But your voice comes out slightly hesitant and the lie easily detectable. His mouth lingers for a second before he steps back. His responding laugh is rough and the lightness in his mood turns sour.

“Of course not.” He says mockingly before adding, “I guess we’re still pretending we don’t exist,” The disappointment is evident as he shakes his head before taking another step back. The space between the two of you seems a mile long with every opportunity you missed out on settling like a brick wall. All you would have to do is reach out and touch him, knowing he would be yours if you asked. But instead you squeeze your hands into tight fists, turning your knuckles white.

Frustrated with yourself, you look away and push the tears back. This isn’t supposed to be what you wanted because he is the one person you can never have. Regaining your composure, you look up to say goodbye but find he is already passing through security. Never once does he look back as he walks out of your life. You are left standing there thinking maybe, just maybe, you should have kissed him back.

*** I am open to all and any comments/criticisms***

March Highlights


Working Out:

My goal last month was to run 13.1 miles. This month I actually ran 24 miles!! Yes, 24! That is almost double my goal. But looking back, my weeks are all over the place. One week I only ran once and another I ran four times. So for the month of April, my goal is to run/workout at least three times a week. I am adding working out because of my knees. Some days, they need a break and I might have to do some other type of machine.

Books I’ve Read:

Feb reading

Wow, did I read a lot of books this month. I don’t know why it always surprises me that I read so much, but wow..

Hands down, my favorite book to read this month was Midnight Marked. But I don’t think this is fair because I absolutely love this series. So my top suggestion if you are looking for a book is Good Girl. Check out my review, I promise you will love it!!

As far as a book I really did not enjoy reading- I would have to say it is close but Phantasma would be it. The lead character was just too annoying for me to stomach.

If you missed any of my reviews, below are the links to check them out 🙂

Dangerous to Know (Unbroken Heroes #1)
To Katie with Love 
Midnight Marked (Chicagoland Vampires, #12)
Fire Touched (Mercy Thompson, #9)
The Undoing (Call of Crows, #2)
I wish you were mine (Oxford, #2)
Omega (Omega #1)
The Trial
Good Girl


Feb words

My writing was not as productive as I would have liked. I made it to chapter six, but I did far too many revisions and I still don’t have a title. Last months goals was to write for 10 minutes every day and work for 30 minutes each day on writing/editing/working on my book. Yeah, that just didn’t happen. Why? Because life happened and sometimes things just don’t work out. Although I think this is still a good goal, I am going to to change it so something a bit more flexible:

My goal for next month is to write chapter 7&8 and get to section D in my outline. Should be simple, but I already know this will be difficult to accomplish.

Fun and Interesting Post to look back on:

Writing, Erasing, Rewriting…Does it ever stop?
Did I ever tell you…
Help buying a running watch!!

Motivational Wednesday.. or something like that

Well, according to the weather it is going to rain all day… So cloudy gloomy days call for something extra, right? I don’t know about you but when I write, I depend on a little caffein (preferably coffee) and chocolate. No wonder my pants are getting a little snug.. Oh and the newest member of our family- Pepper.


Lets see if this is motivation enough to get my creative juices flowing
Starting: 21,198

Update 🙂
Ending: 23236

Not bad. I should still have an hour left to write but my youngest is not having it.. Oh the life of a mom.

Taking that first step

Writing is

Today I took a first step and emailed a friend the first three chapters of my book… I am both excited and scared on what he will think. What if he hates it or what if he loves it and the rest of the chapters don’t live up to this one.

With all the worry swimming around in my head, I’ve decided to try not to think about it. I’ve done it, it’s done. There is nothing else for me to dwell on. It is what it is. But at least I did it. Now if only I can get past chapter six…

Writing, Erasing, Rewriting.. Does it ever stop?

This week has been a success and a disaster. I was Finally able to wrap up chapter 5 and made significant progress with chapter six. But instead of moving forward with this progress, I stated going back through my story and changing, rewriting, cutting, adding, etc. with everything I have already done. I know this process needs to happen, but I fear that if I will be spending far too much time doing this then actually getting the story on paper.

First question is: Is it better to push through and write the story in it’s entirety before you start revising, adding, cutting, and whatnot? Or do you do a little bit of this along the way?

I think a part of me spends so much time rewriting as opposed to extending my story because I have no idea if what I am writing is garbage or if there is actually something there.

Second question: How do you know if you are actually a good writer? Do you let someone read what you have written so far and get feedback? And if so, where do you find these people?

For me, this is one of the scariest things- putting myself out there and letting someone read my story. For me it’s not just the fear they won’t like it, but what if they judge me based on what I write? So I often wonder, maybe I should find someone who isn’t a friend and have them read my story. But with this thought brings the fear that someone would steal my idea. Ugh, what to do, what to do…

Liebster Award

liebster Award


I am so excited to be nominated for the Liebster Award 🙂

I was nominated by Leah from Leah’s Book Blog. Leah’s blog is primarily about YA book reviews but she is also looking to improve her writing skills. She’s very open and loves hearing/talking about the books she reads. Please check out her blog!

Here are the rules:

  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award.
  • Answer 11 question that the blog gives you.
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs you think are deserving of the award that have less than 200 followers.
  • Let the blogs know you have nominated them.Give them 11 questions to answer.

These are the Questions Leah asked me:

1.) Who is my favorite Author?
This is a really difficult question to answer because I don’t just have one favorite author. But I would say it’s a close tie between Jeaniene Frost and Ilona Andrews.

2.) What is the first book you remember reading?
Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

3.) What fantasy world would you like to live in? 
Chicagoland Vampires

4.) What is your favorite book series? 
Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost
Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill
Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews

5.) Where or when do you get most of your reading done? 
During the week when my kids are napping

6.) How many pages do you read in a day?
It really depends, but maybe 50-100

7.) What is a popular book that you didn’t love?
City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare

8.) How do you start your morning?
Coffee, check my email, more coffee, exercise, and maybe more coffee

9.) On average, how long are your blog posts? 
800-1000 words maybe

10.) What is your biggest fear? 
Snakes and something horrible happening to my kids

11.) Do you have a set number of posts you write per week? 
Not really but I think I should.. I try to write at least one or two.

11 Random Facts About me!
1.) Running makes me a better Mother and a better person
2.) I prefer reading ebooks but hate how I can’t stack the books I buy on a visual bookshelf
3.) When I was younger, I hated reading. It wasn’t until high school that I started to enjoy reading.
4.) I love the outdoors
5.) My favorite color is the crayon red orange
6.) Disorganization drives me crazy
7.) I love dogs and hate cats
8.) I am 100% horrible at proverbs but I insist on using them
9.) I used to be a special needs teacher
10.) I am obsessed with Bob Dylan
11.) I want to have a third child

My Questions 🙂
1.) What made you start your blog?
2.) What is your favorite series and why?
3.) Who is your favorite Author?
4.) What is a goal you want to achieve in life?
5.) What is the biggest thing that authors do that drives you crazy when reading a book?
6.) Do you pick a book based on the cover?
7.) Which superpower would you want to have?
8.) What is your favorite movie and why?
9.) What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
10.) What advice would you give someone starting a new blog?
11.) What makes you happy?

Who I’m Nominating:
Byford’s Books

Just Blooking




Have a great week!!



Writing Roadblock


How do you come up with the ideas you want to write about? Do you read a book and get ideas? Do you listen to music for inspiration? Do you use your own life events?

For the last two years, every time (and I really mean every. single. time.) I went for a run or I worked out, I would fantasize about the same scenario. It sounds silly to me and maybe this whole thing is silly. Recently I told a friend a little bit about this reoccurring fantasy and they told me I should start writing it down and see if I could turn it into a book. This is one of those friends who is perpetually optimistic and thinks you could conquer the anything because he believes that much in you. Everyone should have a friend like this!!

It wasn’t long before I started writing before I came to a huge roadblock and felt completely stuck. All weekend I have been stuck with this one aspect of my book. Thinking it over, I realized I had a HUGE plot hole. For days, I have tried to figure out a solution and nothing came. Finally I gave up and went for a swim and the darn solution jumped out at me. Ha! I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner and in retrospect, it kind of makes sense. The book idea came to me via endorphins and working out. Why wouldn’t solutions come the same way 🙂


Now that I have the solution, I am at a lack for words. And the more I try to pull something onto paper, I worse my writing becomes. And to me, that’s the worst. I hate how I have this great (at least to me) idea and I am unable to explain it well enough. So what do I do when I can’t write… I read. I read a LOT!! I have read three long books in three days. And I fear the longer I don’t write, the worse it will be.

Searching the web, I found some hints for overcoming the dreaded Roadblock.

Exercise: Surprise, Surprise, this one came from me. Endorphins help everything look brighter and better. It would only make sense that endorphins help give you a better outlook on something you’re not feeling confident on. Give it a try, what’s the worse that can happen. My favorite is running. I do my best thinking while I’m running 🙂

Just Write: Write anything and everything, but just write. I like the saying that if you don’t use it, you lose it. I have read that if you write a little bit every day, you will become a better writer. I think that’s true but I also think you can get burned out easily. During one of my creative writing classes my teacher would set the timer for ten minutes and we were required to write continually for that period of time. It didn’t matter if you write, ‘what am I going to write. I don’t know what to write. Just write.’ over and over for ten minters. Although I truly doubt that will happen. I remember doing this and some days, it really worked to getting the creative juices flowing. Give it a try and it might help!

Move: Maybe a new location would help. Sometimes when I get stuck on a character- what does he/she look like? Mannerisms? I will go to a new location, usually a coffee shop, and I will people watch. I found the mall to be over stimulation and too loud to concentrate. But a coffee shop not only provides inspiration but also smells delicious!! Just an idea..

Read: The suggestion is to read something you have already written. I think this is a great idea but what if you are a first time writer?? Well, I think just reading can help in many cases- It helps you see how other authors phrase things, the structure they use, and even how detailed they get.

Writing Exercises: Write something that has nothing to do with your story. Look up a fun writing exercise topic and just attempt to write. An old teacher of mine once had me pick up a book, open it randomly to any page and point to a line. I was supposed to use the line I pointed to and write something completely new using that line. I ended up picking a line from George Orwell’s 1984 and I had so much fun writing it. I think the same thing could be done with using your favorite quote or song lyric.

Blog: I guess this is the route I am going today. Write in your blog and hope for the best. And I do kind of feel better about my writing.

Get Support: I think it is easy to get down on yourself and wonder if you are wasting your time or if this idea you are writing will ever turn into anything. Sometimes all we need is acceptance and someone to tell us that you have a great idea or this chapter is awesome. Maybe just enough encouragement to keep moving forward.

I have no idea if any of this helps but here it is. Hope you have a great day 🙂

Paranormal Powers?

So here is my dilemma: I am at the point in my story that I need to finalize details before I can continue on writing my book. But I’m not exactly sure which direction to take. This is where I could use some help 🙂

Simply put- my book is about three families (similar to mafia) run the town. Each family with either have one special power or a small collection of powers that similar. The main heroine will have a special power above the others- an elemental power of Nature/life. I’m not sure if she will have any other but that will her primary.

My question is: What should I have the other families powers be? Do I keep them in the Elemental power category or would it be acceptable to add sorcery?

What are your thoughts?!?!?


I need to add more detail about the story:

There are three families:
Blackfield: This is the family the Heroine is from, Ally. She gets kicked out of the family but they bring her back because they need help. She is reluctant and doesn’t want to help but the Marcello family changes her life and pushes her to help. I am not sure what powers this family will have. But I feel like it should be something strong. Any ideas?

Marcello: This is the tyrant, the main bad guy. The other two families team together to try to defeat this man. He kills someone close to Ally and wants her for himself. He will have Sorcerer powers and some type of elemental power. Not sure what. Any Ideas??

Frost: They will have a weather Elemental power. They will control water and air- being able to create storms, tornadoes, and whatnot.