Running- Week 10

Ok, so I think I have lost my mind!! For some reason, I thought it would be a swell idea to sign up for a marathon in October. Not only am I training for a half marathon in August, I am not training for a full in October… What is wrong with me!!


Monday: 4 miles
My first thought when I checked the mail was, “Yes, my watch is back!!” But after running, I am a little concerned with it’s accuracy. I usually run on state trials that are marked. According to the trials, my four miles should have been done at .3 mile marker. But according to my watch, I was done between .1 and .2 mile marker… Talking with some other runners, they said if I run in an area with a lot of tree covers, then sometimes the watch has a difficult time finding a signal.

Has this happened to anyone else? Or is my watch broken.. again..


Tuesday: 4 Miles
Ran with lifetime run group today and had the perfect run with great conversations. This group is highly addictive, I love it!! Slow pace today, one of my favorites 🙂


Wednesday: 3 miles
Another easy run. I ran with four amazing women who I am sure I will get to know very well by the end of our journey. This was the start of my Marathon training.. Oh my!! What have I gotten myself into?


Thursday: 2 mile run
While dad and my oldest went fishing, I had a couple miles to put in. My run was disgraceful!! I ran around my neighborhood which was a little hillier than I am used to. And pushing an extra 50 pounds.. The first mile was too fast and the second was a joke. Really, this run just sucked! Runs like these make me think I won’t make it come October.


Saturday: 6 Mile run
Good day to run by the lakes. I’m not sure if it was the heat or the extra day of running, but my thighs were tight and the run wasn’t exactly easy. I’m glad I did it but I’m really excited for a day off.

Total Milage: 19

This week was not the best. I am really scared about running a full marathon and think I might have jumped the gun on doing so. The top of my left knee hurts and my thighs are still really tight. I think I am going to need to spend more time with my foam roller..

Running- Training Week 9

Monday: 4 mile Trail Run
Worst Run Ever!! Because of the lightning, I missed my run this morning. And between not eating before and the humidity, this run just wasn’t happening. I miss my watch and the running app I’m using is off. Overall a frustrating run.


Tuesday: 3 Mile Treadmill Run
I think the picture says it perfect. Three miles have never felt so long! I hate running on the treadmill, but I did it.

Thursday: 4 Mile Run
Woke up late today but I was able to get my run in. My hips feel a little stiff and the run was difficult. But I am glad I did it and feel great now that it’s done!!


Saturday: 8 Mile Run
Had a fantastic 8 mile run this morning!! The last mile was hard but worth it 🙂 I would have to say, this is my favorite pace. The run was really enjoyable. Good luck to anyone who ran Grandmas. We were with you in spirit!


Total Milage: 19 Miles


Running- Training Week Eight

This week was a complete fail! I was hardly able to run and things just didn’t really work out.

Monday- My husband left for the airport by 4:30 but I had been up since 2:30/3:00 because of my dog. Deciding to stay up, I tried jumping on the dreadmill, I mean treadmill. Yeah that didn’t work out so much. My watch wasn’t working and after running outside for so long, I just couldn’t go back.

1.5 Miles




Tuesday– Oh, I really needed this run. Like I mentioned before, my husband is out of town, my son has been sick and I have just had a couple stressful days. I am so lucky to have my Mom be able to come over and watch the kids so I could escape a little. My run was absolutely amazing and did I mention it was much needed 🙂 I ran with a great group of guys at run club and had a fun conversation the entire six miles.

6 Miles



Saturday– This run was at times hard but I did it. You are probably wondering why I am back to using an app on my phone.. Well, comes to find out my Forerunner 225 wasn’t always connecting to the satellites and wasn’t working the best. So off my watch goes to get replaced and in the mean time I am back to using my phone.

I actually only ran 7 miles. For some reason, the app was off so I am not ever sure if the time and my average pace is correct.. kind of frustrating.

Running1 Running2

I am really glad I was able to run the seven miles. The tape I use on my knee fell off and I was worried that would impact my running. But surprisingly, my knees felt great! What didn’t feel so great was the heat and humidity. That is also why there aren’t any fun pictures to add. It was so blasted hot, we focused on just getting the run done.

Total Milage for the Week– 14 miles 😦

Running- Training Week 7


Tuesday: 4 Mile Run

This was a difficult run. I started off way too fast. I tried running with Lifetime Running group today and it was enjoyable. A hard run but a fun group. I think next time I need to slow down and focus on my pace instead of trying to keep up. Lesson learned 🙂

Wednesday: 3 Mile Run

I don’t think this is my week for running. My legs felt like led and I couldn’t get into the run. I am sore from yesterdays run and probably should have taken today off. But it’s done and it’s three more miles under my belt. Surprisingly, my pace was still good- average around 10:07

Friday: 6 Mile Run

This was a great run. The weather was perfect with a cooling breeze. All but the last half mile or so was in zone two.

I love running with these two women! I look forward to our long runs each week!!

Sunday: 6 Mile run

Today was the day of the turtles! I stopped a couple times to take pictures but they were out in force this morning.

My run today was a mental struggle but I’m really glad I did it. It felt great even though the sun was really HOT!! But like I said, I stopped a couple times to take pictures. So I think that helped.


Total Milage: 19

May Highlights



My goal for the month of May was to get 6-7 hours of sleep each night and drink the recommended amount of water. I did great getting 6-7 hours of sleep but not so much on the water. I feel like the sleep helped with my running and overall feeling better. But I need to start incorporating weights or some type of cross training into my workouts. So my goal for the month of June is to do at least one day a week of cross training.

I did buy myself Garmin Forerunner 225 running watch for my birthday. And I absolutely love it!! If you are in the market for a running watch, I would check out Amazon. I bought mine at a discounted price and it works amazing. My full review is to come in the next week or so but check them out. This watch is amazing!!


I absolutely love this bra. If you have a hard time finding running bras, I recommend this- Moving Comfort Women’s Juno Bra! You can find my review here. In the next week, I will have had this Sports Bra for a month and I have no complaints. It is still a little difficult to get on but I am used to it now and it takes half the time it did when I first started using it.



Total milage: 57

Books I’ve Read:

Feb reading

I read a lot of two star books this month. One of my favorite books came out this month was Good Girl. I did the review a while back but you can find it here. Check out the review, I know you will love it. The books is full of strong characters with sassy banter. You can buy it on Amazon for $3.99.  Good Girl (Love Unexpectedly)

My Favorite book this month was My Perfect Mistake. I really do love strong female characters with sassy personalities. And this book has it!! This is definitely a series to keep your eye on. It’s funny, sexy, and at times heartbreaking. I loved the emotions each character went through and the real life problems they had to overcome.



Draw really disappointed me. In a way this book is about starting over and second chances. And I liked what the author did with Millie’s character. But the book got to the point that I skimmed most of it because I couldn’t stomach what was happening or I was bored. I’m not sure I could recommend this book to anyone.

If you missed my other reviews, here is a list of books I read this month:

Manhandled (Hammered #2)
His to Protect (Fireside, #2)
The Way of the Runner
Brave Enough (Tall, Dark, and Dangerous #3)
The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave #2)
The Sway (Classified #1)

Fun and Interesting Posts:

I Reached 100 Followers!! Again, I want to thank everyone for following my blog. I never thought I would get to this point but I am over the moon that I did!

May is Celiac Awareness Month. I actually wrote two posts about this. The posts were a bit outside of my norm, so I don’t think very many of you looked at them. But if you wanted to know more about what Celiacs is, you can find that here. Or if you want to see the kind of diet I have to stick to, you can read more about that here.

And lets not forget this post- Jurassic Park to my Front Yard. I still can’t believe how bad my front yard actually was. And I am not being dramatic, I have pictures to prove it!!

Running- Training Week 6

Monday: 3 Mile Run

Zone three training today. It wasn’t the greatest run, I had to keep doubling back because I wasn’t paying close enough attention to where I was. And for some reason that really messes with my mind. I’m a bit disappointed in my pace. I think I could have gone faster but I just wasn’t focused this morning. I’m not sure what my deal was. Hopefully the rest of my runs this week will be better. But at least I beat the rain and was able to wear my new running skirt!!

Wednesday: 4 Mile Run

This was a hard run! I’m excited I was able to stay in zone three at this pace but the run wasn’t exactly the most enjoyable. I can’t believe it’s already humid and hot this morning.

Thursday: 3 Mile Hill Run

I hate hill day. After dragging my feet for 45 minutes, I went out and had a hard run. I pushed myself hard and would have liked to have ended on a faster pace. But honestly, I’m just glad I finished and pushed myself to do it. I’m not even sure if this qualifies as a hill run but it sure does for me.

Saturday: 6 Mile long run

I had such a great run this morning. I met up with a couple other friends who are training for a half with me.

These woman are amazing and I absolutely loved our run!! We went out thinking we were going to do five miles but ended up getting a little lost and running six. But honestly, I felt like I could have ran forever. We stayed in zone two, so it was a nice slow run.


Total Milage: 16 Miles


Running- Training Week 5

I don’t know if you know this but I have picked the half marathon I want to run. It’s on August 27. I am both excited and scared. This week is week five of 19… I still have a ways to go. Looking at my running now, it is a little daunting to think how far I have to go. But one mile at a time right 🙂

Monday: 3 miles

Wow, this was a horrid run!! My thighs are on fire and they felt incredible heavy during my run. I should have taken today off but I just had to run.. Sometimes I swear my competitiveness gets the better of me. I tell myself, it’s ok to go over a 10 minute mile but then when I do, I get really down on myself. Running a challenging 5 mile run and then the next day following it with a three mile.. not great. My thighs are still screaming at me and my run has been over for a couple hours now.

Wednesday: 4 mile run

Hands down, this was the best run ever!! After all the stress I have been going through this week, I really needed this run to be amazing and it didn’t let me down. I can’t believe I almost dropped 15 seconds off my pace. I’m not sure if that will be sustainable but it was awesome. Right when I started running, I found myself in my zone. The next thing I knew, I had ran past my turning point. Everything about this run felt right. It is runs like these that make me love being a runner!!

Thursday: 2 Mile hill run

Today was a slower pace hills run. My focus was my form so my pace went down some, but that’s ok. I am surprised how much information this watch gives me. Absolutely love!!! Overall, good run!!

Saturday: 4 mile run

My goal today was to run a SLOW run and stay in HR zone two. I won’t lie, there were some grunts of frustration and a couple eye rolls when my watch would sing at me to slow down. But I did it. That’s one for the books I guess..

Total miles for the week: 13

Birthday Present


So yesterday was my birthday and I decided I needed to treat myself to something fun. After much deliberation, I bought Garmins Forerunner 225. I haven’t used it yet but I am really excited to get started.

If anyone has Garmin Connect, lets connect and help motivate each other. My username is BoundToBeMe

I am sure I will do a review in a couple weeks of this watch but I have high hopes it will be just the thing I am looking for 🙂

Running- What week am I on…

Monday: 4 Miles

It took me a while to get into my run today. But I really enjoyed the last mile to miles and half. I felt kind of rushed but love my morning runs! I do so much better when I am able to run in the morning than afternoon.

Thursday: 3 Miles

Damn Hills!! I had no idea going into this run all I would be doing is running up and down hills. This was a difficult workout!! I am know I need to to do them more often. But my thighs and knees kind of hurt now that I am done and sitting down.. I hope I didn’t push myself too hard and hurt something.

Sunday: 5 miles

I need to get a better handle of these hills. Not a bad run but it could have been better. Mile three I hit a hill that kind of killed my pace. I’m a little disappointed about that. But I ran and that’s what matters.

Overall, I missed one run this week. It was a short two mile run but it’s still no excuse.

Total milage: 12

The Way of the Runner: A Journey into the Fabled World of Japanese Running

The way of the runner

Author: Adharanand Finn
Published: June 7, 2016
Pages: 326

Stars: 4 out of 5


It may come as a surprise to many people, but Japan is the most running-obsessed country on earth. A 135-mile relay race, or “ekiden” is the country’s biggest annual sporting event. Thousands of professional runners compete for corporate teams in some of the most competitive races in the world. The legendary “marathon monks” run a thousand marathons in a thousand days to reach spiritual enlightenment.

Yet so much of Japan’s running culture remains a mystery to the outside world, on par with many of the unique aspects of contemporary Japan. Adharanand Finn, the award-winning author of Running with the Kenyans, spent six months immersed in this one of a kind running culture to discover what it might teach us about the sport and about Japan.

As an amateur runner about to turn 40, he also hoped to find out whether a Japanese approach to training might help him run faster. What he learns—about competition, team work, form, chasing personal bests, and about himself—will fascinate and surprise anyone keen to explore why we run and how we might do it better.


I began reading this book because I have recently rediscovered my love for running. But as I read the words and really thought about what the author was saying, goosebumps spread across my arms. Just thinking about the dedication, love, and commitment to running.. It amazes me. But instead of the author keeping with the excitement, the book (at times) kind of drags out. Although I enjoyed what I read, I found myself putting the book down a lot. Don’t get me wrong, it was an enjoyable read. It just wasn’t the type of book you read in one sitting.
This book takes an in depth look at Japan’s running methods and beliefs. The author plans to travel to Japan and take a critical look at the Ekiden season. I really enjoyed reading about the Japan culture and how runners are somewhat idealized. For example: Japan is unique in that it offers long distance runners a salary to join a team. In Japan, road runners are a big deal. Not only are they faster than my mind can even comprehend, they are an idealistic symbol to the community and certain races bring in comparable rating to the Super Bowl.
As the story continues, my once amazed outlook on these runners turns to pity and sadness. The conditions Japan runners face isn’t ideal and the expectation is unrealistic, often leading to the racers burning out. At every point in a Japan runners development/career, they are expected to give maximum effort… All the time, every time. Their coaches expect the highest performance and often their motivation is all the runners have because along the way they have lost their own motivation/enjoyment for running.
This really broke my heart because running is amazing and supposed to be fun. I understand the competitiveness and the aspect that training isn’t always fun. But I have a hard time seeing what the point is. The author often asks- ‘why do me run?’ The author suggests the answer is understanding yourself. And I think I agree with him. Yes, I run for stress relief, escape, enjoyment.. But I run for me and I have learned so much more about who I am since I started.
This book has a bunch of history and fun statistics. The book is well written but longer than I think it needed to be. I am interested in picking up his other book- Running with the Kenyan’s and probably will be a book I would prefer via hard copy instead of electronic.  If you are a runner, I think you would enjoy this book.