A look into Deanna Fletcher and her two books

Good Morning Readers!! Today’s author interview is with Deanna Fletcher. She has some really great advice for beginning writers and those trying to get published. And her two books look fascinating. Not to mention how intriguing the covers are.
Author Interview:
When did you know first discover you wanted to be a writer and why writing?
I always loved writing – right from back in grade school. I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer. Back then imagined myself a dancer. Just the same I loved as much the library, pens, paper, writing essays, speeches, poetry and eventually short stories.

Time moved on and the dream of dancing faded, but writing and my obsession for pens, and paper stayed. When my kids grew and I had time on my hands the idea of writing a novel – a story I had in my head as a young girl became a need to put on paper  – A Creation of Tomorrow was written. It was skeletal at first. I had never written a book before and was afraid of being too wordy.

I gave the draft to my mother who loved the story, but told me the characters were stick figures. With that I knew what I had to do and set to filling it all in. Finally I wrote The Dying Butterfly for my husband as I knew A Creation of Tomorrow wasn’t for him. Now I am working on book 2 for each of them.

So when did I discover I wanted to be a writer? I always wanted to be. I just didn’t know it until I wrote my first book.

Tell us about your writing and why you wrote the books the way you did?
I wrote A Creation of Tomorrow because I grew up with those characters in my head. As a child I imagined those very characters in the trees around my country home and places I went hiding in the shadows. Not to hurt me but to protect me. I felt safe with them around. They were my friends and my support when I was lonely or when life was hard. I needed them badly enough that I wished them to be a reality for me. Of course I inevitably matured and I had to let go of my imaginary friends.

Many years later when I decided to try writing a book but no idea what to write I thought of them. I thought of my childhood fantasy. Having read so many bad boy reads I thought that them protecting a young girl would make a great story! They fit all the fantasies that authors write and make best sellers out of. They are bad, they are hot and what woman doesn’t love hot men protecting them, at least in fantasy? I mean no one truly wants to be watched everywhere they go, but no woman truly wants to be trafficked and yet we read those like crazy if the man that kidnaps her is delicious. We inevitably fall for him and crave his touch as he falls for the girl he stole as he slowly grows from fearfully dominant to tender. Hell we close that book when it ends searching immediately for our next hot read.

Now, Cami is a child so there is nothing inappropriate in it when it comes to her. It isn’t a great romance, but it wasn’t meant to be. This is a story of love, loyalty, friendship with a touch of fantasy that women crave.

The Dying Butterfly was written for my husband because I wanted him to read something I wrote. I wanted his thoughts on my skills as a writer. A  Creation of Tomorrow wasn’t going to get that done.

I knew writing an apocalyptic novel would peek his interest, and it did! He loved the book! He didn’t love the romance, but he is the least romantic guy ever so I wasn’t surprised, but the uniqueness to the typical zombie style really intrigued him.

What message or lasting thought do you hope your readers will take away from your books?
With A Creation of Tomorrow there is no message or lasting thoughts. My only hope is that readers enjoy the story for what it is. I hope my readers fall in love with Cami. That Jonathan and Swan, that Rick, Zipper or any of the bad beauties within the pages fit their fantasies the way they do mine.

With The Dying Butterfly though it is only fiction we as humans often take so much for granted. The idea of a zombie apocalypse won’t come true, but there are many other ways that can take us out at the knees.

We think we are at the top of the food chain, that we are invincible. We forget how fragile we are. We have forgotten or grown numb to the past events that very well could have ended us or at the very least life as we knew it.

My message, my lasting thoughts I want people to take away is just the simple reminder of all that we take for granted and to remember just how truly fragile we are. We as people are always talking about making the world a better place. Why not just appreciate it for what it is while we have it? Why not live each day respecting the gifts the earth offers us. After all like it or not we are guests. It has the power to kick us off of it when it has had enough of us.

What author and/or what book has had the greatest impact on your life?
I have read many, many books. Some hot romances, some sweet love stories, others that are apocalyptic, or someone’s life story. Not one stands out over all the others. They have all made the person I am. They have all had lasting impressions. Silly but let me explain.

Every book written is an author’s fantasy, that author’s need or want, or that author’s life experience or the life experience of someone else written on white paper and shared with the world.

From each of the books I have read I have taken away a piece. I have learned through their writing what I want out of life. The kind of love I want, the kind of job I want. Their stories showed me what truly frightens me, elates me. They helped me to realize that I am not alone in my fantasies good or bad, dirty or clean. They have shown me different versions of life, introduced me to different realms, and allowed me to live in past centuries, or given me a glimpse at a possible future. They have helped me to open my mind and heart, taught me in some way to love better, to see things in people that I may have otherwise never noticed, they have opened me up to explore my thoughts, my dreams, and in some cases even gave me a dream to strive for.  With all that how can I say one book stands out or has had the greatest impact when they all offered something unique and in some way taught me something about myself?

Can you offer any advice for beginning writers or those trying to get published?
It is a hard world to break into. Traditional I am told from other writers – successful writers that it is near impossible. Do your research! Online has a load of information.

What I learned is that the new publishing way in self-publishing. Try your writing out on sites like Wattpad, see what readers think of your writing. It will also help you to build confidence if you are scared to put yourself out there. Just know that a number of readers are young readers. That said it is still a good way to get feedback, to learn how to interact with your readers and a glimpse at the work ahead of you to keep yourself in the limelight. From there make sure you have social media and a webpage.

I am not the best to give advice as I am still trying to get momentum, but I can confirm that even to be an unknown is a ton of work. If writing is your passion and you are skilled in technology, it is a lot of fun just the same. Oh, and make sure you hold your fist book in your hands! An ebook just isn’t the same. To open that box when it is delivered to your door, to see the cover and flip through the white pages seeing your words on it, man… there is nothing that says “YOU did it!” like holding your book.

Beside your book, are there any other books you would recommend reading this winter?
I would recommend Madeline Sheehan’s Undeniable series if you like hot bikers. The men are delicious! Also I love the way she wrote this series. In the first book of course there are the main characters, but in the next book she makes two supporting characters the focus, yet last mains remain in the story. She continues this throughout the series, so you really get to know the entire cast allowing you to build bonds with everyone. It is awesome!

If you want something spicier I would recommend CJ Roberts Captive in the Dark series. Wow! It was hot! Your typical girl gets kidnapped for purpose of being trafficked. The evil dominant tried to break her down and rule her, but an odd twisted, hot romance evolves.

If you want something tame, more wholesome read The Color of Heaven or the Color of Memory by Julianne MacLean.

My last recommendation would be Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. It is long but worth every word on each page. Great story! I personally couldn’t go further than the first in the series, but it was one fantastic read, filled with beautiful romance, amazing description of past centuries allowing you to feel like you are there with Jamie and Clair. Loved, loved it!


mock03 (1)

Published: April 18, 2017

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Alice’s daughter now missing, Cami was without a mother, and the one person that protected her from her father’s anger. Now Cami continuously wore new bruises.

Having no doubt Cami’s father Tom was responsible for the bruises Alice turned to the police again and again, but just like when Patsy went missing, they repeatedly turned their backs on her.

Alice was desperate to find help. With nowhere left to turn, she turned to the most dangerous men she’d ever laid eyes on.

Rumour had it that they were drug traffickers. The leader was thought to be the devil himself, and his men his demon disciples; but what choice did Alice have? She needed someone that could protect Cami.

They didn’t wear patches on their leather, and they weren’t called by any name, but they were brothers.

For Rick running a drug ring was challenge enough. Having each other’s back was all that mattered – until Alice approached him. Taken with Alice, and drawn in the moment he looked at Cami’s picture Rick ordered Jonathan and Swan to tail the little girl, and find out what they could about her situation.

What they found was that she abused and needed their help. What they discovered was an innocence they forgot existed in the world, and a strength no child should ever have.

Her sweetness drew them in. Her strength tore at their hearts. They would do anything to keep her was safe.

This is a creation of tomorrow…


She wasn’t ashamed to admit that she was terrified of approaching him. It was a small town – in small towns people talked and rumors flew. This small town with few strangers was no different. It was a town where ladies stood at storefronts – their conversations always starting with…Did you hear? Nobody was allowed secrets, and the man ahead of her was no exception. He was just as much a victim to the rumors as everyone else – maybe more so.

The talk about him and his men were they were drug traffickers. They would beat you to the point of knocking on death’s door if you crossed them. They’ve been rumored to kill those that got in their way. Some say that the man in front of her was the Devil himself, and his men his demon disciples – so she was afraid of them, but for the sake of her granddaughter she had to do something. She knew it was a long shot that he would be willing to help, or even listen to her at all, but she had to try


mock03 (5) (1)

Published: March 14, 2018
Pages: 291

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Holly and Tony were a young couple in love. They thought they had all the time in the world but they were wrong…

As the illness spread and the population was dying chaos sprang forcing Holly and her group of family and friends to hit the road. A plan set and necessities stocked they left their homes.

One night as the deranged charged their camp they were forced to scatter, separating Holly from everyone she knew and loved. In her search for her group she stumbled upon a small community.

By the light of a flickering candle, from a typewriter she found in her travels Holly tells us about the illness, her new life, and her search for the ones she lost. She shares her new philosophies on life, all that we take for granted each and every day, and human vulnerability as she reminisces the past, and her dreams of one day being reunited with the love of her life and her family.

In the very beginning the news about the growth of the disease was buried in with the weather and sports. Eventually it became a bigger portion of the news beating out who made what play off or the hurricane building along some coast. It flowed night after night. It crept into the afternoon news, and it was even the cause for some emergency broadcasts. Of course they hid from us what they didn’t want us to know. You know the part that said we were doomed. Instead they gave us news that offered fictitious hope, promising they were closer to a vaccine. They even tried to tell us that the number of infected had been on the decline. That might have flown if we didn’t see their eyes on the big screen. Eyes can’t lie.

As people figured out they were only telling us what we wanted to hear, the looting began. I expected, as many of us did, to find military making their way into our streets declaring martial law, but it never came.

My dad and Brad took it very seriously from the start. They began loading our garages with gasoline and food. I am sure dad was the one personally responsible for the battery shortage. We had more flashlights and wind up radios than anyone would ever need, or be able to carry if it came down to lights out. I knew when they started buying guns and ammo off the street that it was getting beyond serious.



Author Bio:
I am a Canadian full time employee – mother of two – grandmother of two – married to a wonderful supportive man who writes in her spare time. I am trying to live at least part of my life doing what excites me the most.

     I have had an infatuation with pens, paper and note pads since I was a small child. This love affair is still as strong today as it was when I first learned to write cursive. I can’t walk into a stationary store or down an isle of pens and paper and not get sucked in. It is so bad that my husband if we are on a mission for something will playfully cover my eyes while taking hold of my hand hurrying me by them.

     Like most teenage girls do I wrote poetry. You know – the sad my life is horrible stuff. I had a few about a teenage crush, but most were quite depressing.  I eventually grew bored with poetry, but I still needed to write! Stories were swimming and I needed to get them out! Being a teen I had little time between school, chores and a social life so short stories were what I wrote. 

     As a young girl I thoroughly enjoyed the library and card catalogues. I could get lost inside of a library for days and I would have been in heaven – though I never admitted that to my friends, because that would have been weird. I loved books. I still love books. I love everything about them! I love the smell of them, the cream thin or thick pages. I love the covers – soft or hard. I love the way a story can make you get lost inside of it – the author gives you the canvas but your mind does the painting.  All of it fuelled my dream of holding a copy of a book I would write some day. 

     As my kids grew older the need got stronger. It was so strong I had to make it a reality. Even if I didn’t sell one I needed to write one and figure out how to get into a physical book. I started writing my first novel in private. I wasn’t ready to share my passion with anyone. I was just too shy – too self-conscious. Eventually though I had no choice but to share my writing with close trusted people in order to get feedback – my mother being the first – I could trust her to be honest, yet kind.

     Armed with my mother’s input and eventually the others I was brave enough to share my work with I filled in the gaps making my first novel a much fuller story- and here I am – still shy and self-conscious with two published books! I’m not sure if I am a great writer or if my stories are interesting, but they are mine. I love the characters like they have lived a part of my life. I love the stories like they have been a part of my reality. 

     Anyway…that’s the first mile of my journey. One that I hope will be a thousand miles long…

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Comment below with your thoughts, would love to hear from you! Until next time, Happy Reading 🙂

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