Hello, It’s me… anyone?

Hello fellow bloggers, book critiques, and lovers of all that is books. Gosh, it feels like it’s been a long time. I am sure you think I have forgotten about you but I haven’t.

I have been so passive with this blog. Not because I wanted to or because I lost interest. No, I just couldn’t juggle everything while my brain healed. I couldn’t be the mother my children needed, the wife my husband deserves, the teacher I know I once was… all the while reading and blogging like I would like. At first, I thought of myself as a failure. But I know that’s not the case because I am still here today and that means something.

2 years after the car accident, I find myself adjusting to my new self and wrapping up all the therapy. Yes, 2 years of therapy is a lot and I am ready to be done. Although being done also means accepting things for how they are. Am I the same after the car accident, NOPE. Will I ever get back to who I was, I’m not really sure.

But I can’t stand in the mirror and wish for something that might never come. I need to start living my life again and move past this accident.

While I am figuring out my new ‘normal’ and trying to see what that means for me, I am learning that the things I used to love doing, I no longer care much about. It’s a weird feeling really. Some days I don’t recognize myself and I wonder if my husband still sees the same woman he married. Luckily, my love for reading and desire to blog has not changed.

So Now What…

I have lost a lot of followers. I know and I am sorry. I hope you haven’t completely given up on me and are willing to give me another chance. I have not been here and I want to change that. So if you’ll have me, I am here! Drop me a line, a book recommendation, anything. I am here and I have decided I am not going anywhere!

Let’s rediscover the magic in books and share in our passion to read

Until next time, Happy Reading 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hello, It’s me… anyone?

  1. Listen, I don’t think anyone who read your posts about the accident and life after that would blame you for taking time off to get your life back in order. I’ve been following you for three years now, and I still remember how shook I was when I was reading your accounts of what you were going through. You’re not a failure by any stretch of imagination. If anything, I think it takes a lot of courage to stop doing something you love in order to focus on your health. And that’s an extremely commendable thing. Not many people have the kind of courage to prioritize the way you did, because doing the right thing is always the hardest thing to do.

    And as for followers, I don’t think the people you still have following you are ones who’re looking for an apology or have given up on you. To come back to this community even after everything you’ve gone through speaks volumes of how much you love blogging and interacting on this space. I speak for myself, and hopefully your community as a whole, when I say that I’m glad that you’re getting better and that I wish you the best for the future. You’ll get better with each day, and we’ll be here to read whatever you have to say about books, life, or anything in general because the audience you have right now is one that sticks together. I hope you take care of your health and family, and I’m really happy to see you be back on my WordPress feed.

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  2. I am speechless by this, thank you! I was so sure no one was even reading my posts anymore. Blogging can be so strange sometimes – you are connected to hundreds of people but there are times when it feels like no one is there.

    Thank you again for such positivity and support!! I am honestly blown away by this and wasn’t expecting it. This recovery has changed me in so many ways and to say this path was difficult is an understatement. I am very appreciative of your words! Thank you 🙂

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