Tuesday Talk- Splurge Much

On Tuesday I will try to engage you in a question/topic/idea. You are welcome to write in with a suggestion you want to share or maybe talk about next Tuesday. My response is not right for everyone but I am hoping together we can generate some great conversation. And as always, I would love to hear from you on this topic or any topic out there!  

You know those moments when life gets away from you? Those times when you get so caught up in school, work, kids. etc. nothing else seems to penetrate your mind beyond what your focused on. Then all of a sudden you stick your head up for a breath of fresh air and time has flown by.  


That’s kind of how I feel right now. I have been so supper focused on recovering form my car accident that I have missed so many great books out there. I’m not even going to begin to talk about how much I miss running… So of course I did what any sane person would do…


I might have gotten a little carried away… Probably not one of my better choices but I’m doubtful I’ll regret this purchase. But we’ll see!

So Tell Me- What has been your latest and greatest splurge and was it worth it? 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!! 🙂

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