Tuesday Talk-What gets you through the Holidays???

Tuesday Talks

On Tuesday I will try to engage you in a question/topic/idea. You are welcome to write in with a suggestion you want to share or maybe talk about next Tuesday. My response is not right for everyone but I am hoping together we can generate some great conversation. And as always, I would love to hear from you on this topic or any topic out there!  

It is a know fact that sometimes the holidays are difficult to get through. Maybe it’s because you’re single and you are dreading to have to explain to your mother/aunt/uncle why you aren’t currently dating anyone. Maybe it’s because you have a difficult family and you’re dreading the drama.. Or maybe you just simply hate the holidays.


Haha, okay maybe things aren’t this extreme but reading this made me chuckle. If you had the same reaction, your welcome 🙂 So, here’s the thing- not everything is easy and holidays can sure throw a curve ball in an already hectic slushy wet mess of a thing we call winter.

My weekly question is:

Do you love or hate the holidays?

What are some of the things you do to pick you up when you are down?

 For me, it really depends on the year. Some years, I love the holidays and all the magic that surrounds them. But then there are the years were I just can’t handle my family, the extra drama, and I feel like an outcast or outsider trying to pretend like I fit in.

This year, I’m feeling pretty neutral about the holidays. It’s fun seeing how excited my kids get but I’m not really feeling that excitement. I’m also not feeling any negative or bad feelings. It’s more like another thing on the long list of things I need to check off.

Some of the things I do when I am down-

  • Read a favorite series or gush worthy book. Nothing spells distraction like a book you can lose yourself in
  • In college I once wrote on my dorm mirror: Smile, you are beautiful. Everyone morning and everyone time I would pass the mirror, I would read the message. And eventually, I started to feel that way.

I’m excited to see what you do to pick yourself up. Happy Tuesday Everyone 🙂

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