Half Marathon Training week 16 (Marathon Training week 7) & Whole30

Monday: 6 Mile Trail Run
I had a great run this morning. The trails were quiet and I was able to find a solid rhythm around 10:30. I was supposed to run two miles at my marathon pace and the rest slow. I know after the first two miles I should have slowed down but I couldn’t. Don’t you ever wonder if you can do it? If you can run faster than your slow pace? I have been so many miles at my slow pace that I started questioning if I could even run faster. Tomorrow I promise to take it easy, but I am proud of today!

I think I might need to get a head light because I had to wait 30 minutes before it was light enough to run. But honestly I don’t think I would enjoy running the trails while it’s dark.

I am feeling really good about myself and how I feel/look. I can tell my face has thinned and my stomach has gotten smaller- all from reduced bloating. I have to laugh because my husband started Whole30 on Saturday and he is having more of the ‘typical’ symptoms- the headaches, feeling hungover even though he didn’t drink, cravings, extreme tired… He doesn’t eat as well/clean as I do and I think he is paying the price. But the thing that makes me laugh is the reason he is struggling with this ‘diet’ is because and I quote, “Vegetables aren’t really my thing.” Oh my!

Breakfast: Spinach Eggs with half an Avocado
Lunch: Leftover sweet potato hash browns, half an avocado, and two fried eggs
Dinner: Chicken Hash

Tuesday: 4 Mile Run
I’m pretty sure the cloud cover was the only thing that saved my run. It is really hot and humid out and this was at 5:30 in the morning! I really wanted to run with Lifetime run club tonight but national night out made that impossible. I really miss running with them! Again, the trails were quiet and I found myself a little board. I ran faster than I was supposed, but not my much. I was just so bored and with the humidity, I wanted the run to be over.

Can’t you just feel the humidity coming off this picture??


It was one of those runs that if you stopped, all the air around you seemed to stop. There wasn’t a breeze or any movement.

Breakfast: Spinach eggs, half an avocado
Lunch: leftover Hash
Dinner: Shrimp cocktail and green beans

Wednesday: 3.71 Miles
Wow, what a horrible run! I ended up sleeping in because I was supposed to run with my team. Little did we know, the weather today was going to be worse than yesterday. It was over 100 with humidity and I just couldn’t run outside. So my husband and I packed the kids up and we went to the gym.

I was supposed to run 7 miles but my knee hurt and I had to cut the run short. I was really disappointed in myself and upset that my knee hurt. I will be spending some time rolling it, that’s forsake. After getting home, I iced it on and off the rest of the night.


Breakfast: Spinach eggs, half an avocado
Lunch: leftover Hash
Dinner: Pork chops, Portobella mushroom cap, asparagus.

Thursday: Rest day
My knee feels better this morning but I am going to take it easy and foam roll it just to make sure. I noticed the longer I was on it, the worse it felt. So I ended up going back to the chiropractor and getting it taped. The taping really helped and it feels considerably better.

Running 3

Breakfast: Spinach eggs, half an avocado
Lunch: Pork chops, Portobella mushroom cap, asparagus.
Dinner: Chicken with pesto, zucchini noodles, baked potato

Friday: Swim
I know I need to add cross training into my routine, especially with my knee acting up. So we went to the gym after my husband got back to work and I can’t believe how quickly I lost progress. By the end of last winter I was easily swimming 1,500 to 2,000 yards. Today was not the case.

Swimming pool

I did 100 yard warm up, 400 yard pull with 20 second rest in-between every 100 yards, and a 50 yard swim. I just want to shake my head over this. I am going to try to get back in the pool every week and really focus on getting back to wear I was.

Breakfast: Spinach eggs, half an avocado
Lunch: Chicken with pesto, zucchini noodles, baked potato
Dinner: California burger, baked potato, asparagus

foam roll

My youngest decided he needed to help Mom foam roll. Please don’t mind the mess in the background 🙂 It has been a busy week!

Saturday: 12 hilly miles
What a hilly run!! Luckily the weather was beautiful but I really wanted to die near the end. At one point in my run as I was running up a very long hill, I looked down and realized I was walking.. I have no idea how that happened but the rolling hills were killer.


Looking at this, it does’t seem like it was that bad but trust me, it was a hard run. Especially with my knees killing me, I was really excited when it was over.

When I got home I looked at my splits and I was really happy to see that I stayed close to 11:30 for most of them. Only once did I get in a 12 minute mile. Whoop Whoop!!


Sunday: Rest Day
I actually don’t feel that bad today. I woke up with a headache, telling me I need to drink more water. But overall, my knee feels fine, my legs aren’t really all that sore, and I feel good.

Total Milage: 25

How did your week go?

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