Half Marathon Training week 15 (Marathon Training week 6) & Whole30

So this week my husband is out of town and I am stuck on the DreadMill. Since that is beyond boring, I’m not going to take pictures of my dusty treadmill just to fill space. Don’t worry, I am still going to post what I ran but I am also going to talk about my journey on the Whole30 diet.

Monday: 4 Miles
Two miles were at an easy pace and the other two were speed work. My thighs are really tight and sore from my stupid run on Saturday. But I took it easy and added an extra minute to onto my pace for the slow part of my running. I have a feeling the foam roller and I will become really close.

Today is also day one of Whole30 and so far, so good. I normally eat a somewhat clean diet with the exception of sugar and dairy. Giving up my creamer in my coffee was not fun but it’s doable. The only thing that was different today was how my stomach felt. I ate until I was full but my stomach almost felt hollow. Now, to clarify. I am not counting calories or limiting what I eat beyond the restrictions of Whole30. But after eating it was almost like my stomach didn’t have that bloated, uncomfortable feeling where the food you eat sits heavy.


My breakfast stayed the same- spinach eggs. My avocados aren’t ripe yet so I did miss that this morning.

Lunch: Leftover trout and broccoli from last nigh.

Dinner: chicken Hash with grated sweet potato and spinach. (Below is a picture of my dinner)

Hopefully tomorrow goes as well as today!


Chicken Hash

Tuesday: 4 Miles

Wow, I must say this was probably one of the best runs I have had since before I got sick. I ran slightly (15 seconds) slower than my normal slow pace but I felt amazing. I felt confident in my stride and I wasn’t uncomfortable at all. And you know what, I didn’t eat anything before I ran. Which is unheard of for me!! I need to eat all the time. And still, my run was amazing! I’m not sure if this was a fluke or if it had anything to do with starting the Whole30. But I really hope my run tomorrow will be just as good!

Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast- spinach eggs
Lunch: I finished off the leftover trout, broccoli and had a small helping of chicken Hash
Dinner: Pad Thi and dang was it amazing!! I put too much sauce on it but it was tasty!

Pad Thi

Wednesday: 6 Miles
Todays run was a bit harder. I did three miles, or close to three miles at my almost marathon pace- around 10:30/45. The last three miles I ran at my slow pace -11:15. I had to stop a couple times, one to let my dog outside, another to blow my nose, and one or two times just because it was a hard run. I’ve noticed this week I am sweating a lot more. I’m not sure if it is from being inside, on the treadmill, or because of the diet change. Again, I didn’t eat prior to my run and just as I was nearing the six mile mark, I was thinking some food would probably help.

Tomorrow is my day off from running and I couldn’t be happier ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like I might be fighting a slight cold. My husband thinks it might be due to the diet change, but I’m not so sure. I skipped my allergy meds for a couple days and wondering if it might be that. Either way, hopefully it doesn’t last long. I’ve also noticed I’m tired. I didn’t sleep the greatest last night. But this all typical symptoms (tired and not sleeping the greatest) within the first one or two weeks of the diet. I guess it is your body changing or something like that.

Breakfast: Spinach eggs with a half avocado
Lunch: Leftover Chicken Hash and an apple
Dinner: Shrimp Fajita Salad

Shrimp Fajita

No running update because today is my day off ๐Ÿ™‚ So I will say the Whole30 has been going a lot better than I thought. Today I am hitting my cravings and it’s not fun not giving in. Mainly I have been craving something sweet but I have also been craving Peanut Butter. Weird.. As an afternoon snack I had a big scoop of almond butter with some carrot sticks. Not exactly what I was looking for but not bad.

I did wake up this morning without a voice and a little congested. I broke down last night and took my allergy pill which is not Whole30 due to the starch in it. Then I discovered Zyrtec is Whole30 approved so I went out and bought that. I wish I would have discovered this a little sooner but now I know.

Breakfast: Spinach eggs, 3/4 avocado, and apple
Lunch: Leftover Pad Thi
Dinner: Homemade Chicken and veggie soup

Below is a picture of what the soup looked like before we added the homemade bone broth and put them in the pressure cooker. Since some of the ingredients came from our garden, each jar came to just under $1.


Again, I did’t run today. Although my voice is better, it still isn’t back fully. And I really, really, really want to run tomorrow. I have been stuck inside all week and the weather has be absolutely beautiful out! And I mean it has been nice, cool, and in the upper to mid 50’s. And I was stuck on a treadmill… Ugh, so it goes. So I will trade in today for a guarantee tomorrow!

I had a dream about food last night- it was an waffle that the person trying to get me to eat it supposedly said it was made out of bananas.. yeah, weird dream.

So far I am feeling good on my diet. I can tell carbs have crossed my mind a lot today but the cravings weren’t too tempting and they passed fairly quickly. It took me two tries to make homemade mayo. Do not use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ew!! Below you see a roasted red pepper sauce, regular mayo, and the combined roasted red pepper mayo which is fantastic. I bet this would be amazing on a burger!


Breakfast: Spinach eggs with a whole avocado
Lunch: leftover Pad Thi and an apple
Dinner: Grilled chicken with a roasted red pepper mayo and roasted carrots, sweet potato, green pepper, and a couple shallots. I also had two dates with dinner, not as a dessert. I wanted the extra carbs for my run tomorrow.


Saturday: 9 Mile Hill Run
I woke up with my voice still being off but wanted to run. Meeting up with my run group was like meeting friends I haven’t seen in a while. The atmosphere was energetic, everyone was in good spirits, and I honestly missed these people. Even though I haven’t made many friends in the group, the ones I have are amazing and so supportive!! As you can see, I ran nine miles on some hills! I was proud to get my pace back on my average 11:15/30. This was the first run outside all week and I LOVED it!! My legs are a little tight but that’s kind of expected.

For my run I packed two containers of a water/coconut water mixture. Oh man, I couldn’t do it. It was so gross. I also packed a homemade pouch of banana and almond butter mix. I didn’t end up eating it until I was done with the 9 miles and it gave me heartburn. The heartburn didn’t last long but it was uncomfortable. Near the end of my run, it was getting more and more difficult which told me I should of ate something around 6 mile mark. I do wonder if I would of had regular water if that would have made a difference because I just couldn’t drink what I brought and I was really thirsty near the end.

This is a picture of the group I ran with on Saturday. And if you can believe it, this isn’t even everyone.


And I can’t help but post a ridiculous picture of myself and one of trails ๐Ÿ™‚

Breakfast: Sweet Potato, onion Hash
Sweet Potato hash
Lunch: Leftover Grilled chicken with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
Dinner: Grilled MahiMahi with steamed green beans. (sorry, forgot to take a picture)

The week has come to an end and I am feeling really good. My stomach isn’t bloated, I can actually fit into my clothes (comfortably), and for the first time in a while I am feeling good in my own skin. I don’t mind how I look in the mirror anymore. I am sure there will always be areas I don’t like but at least I can look at myself without being bombarded with negative thoughts.

My running this week went better than I thought. ย Total Milage: 23

For the first time I can run on an empty stomach and I don’t need fuel until around 6 miles- the one hour mark. I know this might be normal for some of you but it isn’t for me. And it is wonderful not to have to constantly eat just so I can run.

Breakfast- leftover veggies reheated, mixed with a scrambled egg and salsa
Lunch- Shrimp in a homemade cocktail sauce (YUM!)
Dinner- Sweet potato hash browns, poached eggs, and half an avocado


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