July Highlights



Honestly I have no idea what my goal was. So I guess it wasn’t a very good goal. I will say my running has improved and I think that is manly because of my recent change in my diet.

Total Milage for the Month: 112

WHAT!!! Wow, that is a lot of running and really neat to see 🙂

I should set a new goal for the month of August. Seeing as I am somewhat struggling with food, I think I need to make this a priority. Because I am on the Whole30, it really limits what I can and can’t have.

Books News:

Feb reading

This month I was able to read 6 books. I read two books this month that tied for my favorite: Coming Clean (Monkey Business Trio, #3) and Clean Break. Both books are fantastic reads. Coming Clean is the last book in the series and it’s the perfect ending. Clean Break is an interesting twist on Beauty and the Beast. If you missed them, click on the links to check out my reviews 🙂

Hardass really disappointed me. I had a difficult time relating to the main character, Caroline. Her mannerisms were extremely immature and most of the things she did was completely inappropriate. I felt like her character lacked a lot of class and the book just fell short.

If you missed my other reviews, here is a list of books I read this month:
The Billionaire Bachelor (4 Stars)
Once Upon a One Night Stand (3 Stars)
It Ain’t Easy Being Jazzy (2 Stars)

My Throwback Thursday’s this month were:
Kate Daniels Series
Reckoning (The Breach, #1)

Discussions I had on Tuesday Talk:
Book Reviews That Let You Down
Lets Talk Music
4th of July

Fun and Interesting Posts:

I received the Liebster Award for the second time 🙂 I will say I had a lot of fun answering these questions!

Author Abby Vegas wrote a guest post discussing fairy tales and how it connects with her book Clean Break. The post is short but a fun read. If you are interested, you can find it here.

For the first time I did a cover reveal for the Jessica Lemmon’s book- The Billionaire Bachelor. You can find that here and the review for the book above.

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