Running Week 13&14 (Marathon Training Week 4&5)

Life has gotten away with me and I completely missed my post for last week. Hence me doubling up 🙂 My house, including myself have been sick so unfortunately  there isn’t much to update..

RunningMonday: 5 Mile Trail Run

I underestimated the humidity and heat this morning. Luckily I brought Gatorade with me but I still ended up stopping.. a lot. I should have just ran slower than trying to stick to my running schedule. Lesson learned.



RunningTuesday: 3 Mile Social Run

I had a pretty good run. It was still hot and humid but not nearly as bad as yesterday. I ate dinner before my run which I think helped with the fuel. I think I might be one of those people who needs to eat a lot before and during a run. Oh well, I’m going to call this run a success!


RunningThursday: 11 Mile Trail Run

11 miles this morning and one of the best runs I have had in a while!! I finally have the fuel figured out and again I ran with two great people. Our conversation kept me motivated and the run ended up being a really nice one!!



Oh, we saw deer on the trails too!! Beautiful view this morning 🙂


RunningMonday: 6 Mile Trail Run

Easy 6 miles this morning. The run felt good and the weather was nice. Half way through the run I noticed my water bottles were leaking and my entire back side was wet… not cool at all. It was actually a little embarrassing but luckily there weren’t many people out. I hope this doesn’t mean I need to get a new running belt.

I love how the sunrise is reflected in the pond. Absolutely Beautiful!

RunningSaturday: 12 Mile Group Run

Wow, that was a lot harder than I would have liked. But considering it was my first run since getting sick this week, I’m just glad I was able to get the miles in.

I ended up running the last three miles by myself and honestly that was the best decision I made. I was trying to keep up with my running group and my body just wasn’t ready. On my own, I slowed my pace a great deal which helped but the last two miles I still ended up doing some walking. It was just too humid out for this run to be anything close to enjoyable. We started the run around 6:15 and it was already 83 out. Take into account the humidity and my phone said it was closer to 87.


I’m really sore after the run and pushed myself too hard. Which was so stupid of me. Now I am going to need to take it easy this next week if I want to stay on track.

Overall Milage for the TWO weeks: 38

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