Running- Week 12

Monday– 5 miles

Running sprints slightly hung over was not ideal.. I’ll be honest, I had to stop once or twice but I finished. Happy 4th of July everyone!!



Tuesday: 3 miles

Ran three miles on the treadmill. With 60mph wind, we lost electricity shortly at the house. Luckily it came back on right away and I could finish my run. Wish I could have ran outside but glad I didn’t have to battle the wind. And really the run wasn’t horrible. I watched an episode on Netflix and that helped.

Johnny Pops


I get done with my run and come upstairs to find both my boys running around, bouncing off the walls. Come to find out my husband gave each of them Jonny Pops… the coffee flavored ones. Guess what the first ingredient is, that’s right cold pressed coffee. His response was he thought they were chocolate…







Wednesday: 3 miles

Not a great run today. My hamstring is killing me and I had to slow my pace down a great deal just to make it through three miles. My goal was four miles with short sprints worked in but I’ll settle for three painful miles as long as my hamstring starts to feel better.


Not looking good, my legs are tight and my hamstring isn’t wonderful. It does feel better but I’m not sure if I will be able to do my long run tomorrow..



Saturday: 10 Miles

I had a great run, but I’m definitely tight and will need to spend some time with the foam roller. I’m starting to understand fuel and think next week’s long run I will be better prepared. Loved running with lifetime Run! Such a great group of people and a wonderful community.



Total Milage: 21

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