Running- Week 11


Monday: 4 Miles

Fantastic run!! I ran around my neighborhood again, this time without pushing my son. The only thing is my pace is off. I needed to run 11:12 miles and I was a bit too fast. I know I need to slow it down and I have to make myself do it!

The hills I ran were crazy big! It’s strange how you look at things differently while running then you do when you are driving in your car.

But even though this was a challenging run, it was highly rewarding because I was able to do it! I finished my run, I ran the entire time, and I stayed close to the pace I needed to. Overall, a successful run!

RunningTuesday: 3 Miles

Nice run with Lifetime Run Club tonight. I cut my run short and had some time to think. Today has been a good day and it was nice to end it on an easy run 🙂

Do you enjoy running with others or by yourself?

RunningWednesday: 4 Miles

So now that I know what Fartleks are and I can’t say they are my favorite. We did a one mile warm up, two miles of random point sprints where the goal was to get your heart rate from zone one to three and back again as quickly as possible. Then finishing with a one mile cool down-zone one.

It was a hard workout and I’m glad it’s done. The group that showed up was fun and I ran with a new person. I think this is my favorite thing about this group- running with other people and getting to know them. I’m sure glad tomorrow is my off day 🙂

Thursday-Friday: Off

Thursday was scheduled as a rest day but I took Friday as well. I know I shouldn’t have missed my run but there was just too much to do. I accepted a teaching position and am going back to work. Crazy right!

So the chaos started with needing to find daycare that could support my son who has special needs. Which is actually a lot more complicated than it sounds. It had to be in our current school district for him to continue to receive services and we wanted both boys to stay together. Not an easy task. We looked at some really scary places but found one we loved! Thank God!!

Runnig5Saturday: 9 miles

What a great run this morning!! The weather was perfect and so was the conversation. My friends and I met up with lifetime Running group for a supported long run. It was nice because they provided water and Gatorade. Plus we were able to run with some fun and amazing people!


I need to start adding fuel with my longer runs but the Gatorade helped with the heat. I could feel my thighs start to cramp around mile 6, but they didn’t get bad until mile 8. Around mile 7 I could tell I was losing energy and wish I had something to eat.



Total Milage: 20

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