Running- Week 10

Ok, so I think I have lost my mind!! For some reason, I thought it would be a swell idea to sign up for a marathon in October. Not only am I training for a half marathon in August, I am not training for a full in October… What is wrong with me!!


Monday: 4 miles
My first thought when I checked the mail was, “Yes, my watch is back!!” But after running, I am a little concerned with it’s accuracy. I usually run on state trials that are marked. According to the trials, my four miles should have been done at .3 mile marker. But according to my watch, I was done between .1 and .2 mile marker… Talking with some other runners, they said if I run in an area with a lot of tree covers, then sometimes the watch has a difficult time finding a signal.

Has this happened to anyone else? Or is my watch broken.. again..


Tuesday: 4 Miles
Ran with lifetime run group today and had the perfect run with great conversations. This group is highly addictive, I love it!! Slow pace today, one of my favorites 🙂


Wednesday: 3 miles
Another easy run. I ran with four amazing women who I am sure I will get to know very well by the end of our journey. This was the start of my Marathon training.. Oh my!! What have I gotten myself into?


Thursday: 2 mile run
While dad and my oldest went fishing, I had a couple miles to put in. My run was disgraceful!! I ran around my neighborhood which was a little hillier than I am used to. And pushing an extra 50 pounds.. The first mile was too fast and the second was a joke. Really, this run just sucked! Runs like these make me think I won’t make it come October.


Saturday: 6 Mile run
Good day to run by the lakes. I’m not sure if it was the heat or the extra day of running, but my thighs were tight and the run wasn’t exactly easy. I’m glad I did it but I’m really excited for a day off.

Total Milage: 19

This week was not the best. I am really scared about running a full marathon and think I might have jumped the gun on doing so. The top of my left knee hurts and my thighs are still really tight. I think I am going to need to spend more time with my foam roller..

3 thoughts on “Running- Week 10

  1. If it’s your first half marathon in August, I would say there’s not enough time to train for a marathon two months later. U will have a week off with recovery following your half so there isn’t really time to double your mileage! I’ve run heaps of halfs and 12 marathons and its a huge jump!

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  2. That’s what I was thinking but the group I run with on Tuesdays talked me into it. They said if I ran my half at my slow pace, so not racing it, then I could run the full in October. This week I started the full marathon training schedule and it has me running 5 days a week instead of the four I am used to.


  3. Who wants to run a half at slow pace?! U always want to put in your best effort so of course u want to do your best time! A half is an achievement in itself, don’t just see it as a stepping stone to the full. U need at least 16 weeks to train for a full and that’s when u already regularly do 2 hour runs.


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