Running- Training Week Eight

This week was a complete fail! I was hardly able to run and things just didn’t really work out.

Monday- My husband left for the airport by 4:30 but I had been up since 2:30/3:00 because of my dog. Deciding to stay up, I tried jumping on the dreadmill, I mean treadmill. Yeah that didn’t work out so much. My watch wasn’t working and after running outside for so long, I just couldn’t go back.

1.5 Miles




Tuesday– Oh, I really needed this run. Like I mentioned before, my husband is out of town, my son has been sick and I have just had a couple stressful days. I am so lucky to have my Mom be able to come over and watch the kids so I could escape a little. My run was absolutely amazing and did I mention it was much needed 🙂 I ran with a great group of guys at run club and had a fun conversation the entire six miles.

6 Miles



Saturday– This run was at times hard but I did it. You are probably wondering why I am back to using an app on my phone.. Well, comes to find out my Forerunner 225 wasn’t always connecting to the satellites and wasn’t working the best. So off my watch goes to get replaced and in the mean time I am back to using my phone.

I actually only ran 7 miles. For some reason, the app was off so I am not ever sure if the time and my average pace is correct.. kind of frustrating.

Running1 Running2

I am really glad I was able to run the seven miles. The tape I use on my knee fell off and I was worried that would impact my running. But surprisingly, my knees felt great! What didn’t feel so great was the heat and humidity. That is also why there aren’t any fun pictures to add. It was so blasted hot, we focused on just getting the run done.

Total Milage for the Week– 14 miles 😦

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