Running- Training Week 7


Tuesday: 4 Mile Run

This was a difficult run. I started off way too fast. I tried running with Lifetime Running group today and it was enjoyable. A hard run but a fun group. I think next time I need to slow down and focus on my pace instead of trying to keep up. Lesson learned 🙂

Wednesday: 3 Mile Run

I don’t think this is my week for running. My legs felt like led and I couldn’t get into the run. I am sore from yesterdays run and probably should have taken today off. But it’s done and it’s three more miles under my belt. Surprisingly, my pace was still good- average around 10:07

Friday: 6 Mile Run

This was a great run. The weather was perfect with a cooling breeze. All but the last half mile or so was in zone two.

I love running with these two women! I look forward to our long runs each week!!

Sunday: 6 Mile run

Today was the day of the turtles! I stopped a couple times to take pictures but they were out in force this morning.

My run today was a mental struggle but I’m really glad I did it. It felt great even though the sun was really HOT!! But like I said, I stopped a couple times to take pictures. So I think that helped.


Total Milage: 19

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