Running- Training Week 6

Monday: 3 Mile Run

Zone three training today. It wasn’t the greatest run, I had to keep doubling back because I wasn’t paying close enough attention to where I was. And for some reason that really messes with my mind. I’m a bit disappointed in my pace. I think I could have gone faster but I just wasn’t focused this morning. I’m not sure what my deal was. Hopefully the rest of my runs this week will be better. But at least I beat the rain and was able to wear my new running skirt!!

Wednesday: 4 Mile Run

This was a hard run! I’m excited I was able to stay in zone three at this pace but the run wasn’t exactly the most enjoyable. I can’t believe it’s already humid and hot this morning.

Thursday: 3 Mile Hill Run

I hate hill day. After dragging my feet for 45 minutes, I went out and had a hard run. I pushed myself hard and would have liked to have ended on a faster pace. But honestly, I’m just glad I finished and pushed myself to do it. I’m not even sure if this qualifies as a hill run but it sure does for me.

Saturday: 6 Mile long run

I had such a great run this morning. I met up with a couple other friends who are training for a half with me.

These woman are amazing and I absolutely loved our run!! We went out thinking we were going to do five miles but ended up getting a little lost and running six. But honestly, I felt like I could have ran forever. We stayed in zone two, so it was a nice slow run.


Total Milage: 16 Miles


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