Brave Enough (Tall, Dark, and Dangerous, #3)

Brave Enough

Author: M. Leighton
Published: April 5, 2016
Pages: 288

Stars: 2.5 out of 5


He was the most charismatic man I’d ever met. Strong, tough, brave. Bold as hell. Something told me Tag Barton could have anything—anyone—he wanted…and he wanted me. It didn’t matter that he was wrong for me in practically every way possible. It didn’t matter that my father would hate it.

I couldn’t resist him. Even if I’d known who he really was and what he was really capable of.

When he suggested we pretend to be engaged, I thought he was the answer to all my problems. He wasn’t. And, in his wake, he left nothing but scorched earth and me, just another casualty of my father’s war.

Can I believe him now when he tells me he loves me?  Or is he nothing more than a beautiful, breathtaking lie?


Weatherly is upper class and is exhausted of always having to be perfect, look perfect, act perfect, date the perfect guy who will fit into her perfect world.. It isn’t until her father informs her that she either loses her trust fund or marry a man to solidify a business merger that she runs away to the family vineyard to form a plan. Weatherly is soft, sweet, flirtatious, but her upbringing has left her a bit naive. As the story progressed, her character got on my nerves. I think the thing that bugged me the most was how soft she was. I wouldn’t necessarily say she had much for common sense.
Tag maintains the vineyard Weatherly’s father owns. And he is dead set on getting Weatherly under him. But is it because of his plan or the growing attraction he has for her? Tag is a secretive guy who cares deeply for his family. He is an expert at flirtation and innuendo phrases. His one liners were a little much but I did enjoy the mystery behind his character.
The chemistry between Weatherly and Tag is instantaneously thick. That might have something to do with Tag walking in on Weatherly touching herself while taking a bath. But as the book continues, I can’t help but think Weatherly’s reaction to Tag is similar to a young adolescent who desperately wants to get laid. The way the author describes her reactions is a bit over the top. For example, I felt like her nipples would harden at the slightest thing and she would become turned on with just the sound of his voice. It was fun to read at first but quickly became annoying.
The book is written in a duel perspective and I can’t decide how I feel about this. At first, I couldn’t help but think the author did the book a dis justice by doing this. Even though there is a lot of mystery surrounding Tag, some of it is lost with what his internal monologue gives away. I think the flirtation, playful remarks, and the slight game that is played between Tag and Weatherly would have been more potent if the book was told strictly through Weatherly’s perspective. But near the end, I understand why the author wrote it this way. Without the duel point of view, the plot wouldn’t have been as complex without Tag, his secrets, and the insight on what he was going through.
The plot was a bit slow until the engagement. Then things really took off. Up until the engagement, I felt the plot was really fluffy and didn’t hold much as far as a plot. But once the engagement happened, aka the drama took off, then the dynamic of every relationship in the book changed.
The book was extremely unrealistic. For example, the couple gets married after knowing each other less than a month. But the really kicker is how Tag is good with marring Weatherly but it’s a struggle to say ‘I love you’. This made it really difficult for me to get into the book. Without giving away anything, I wanted to roll my eyes at Weatherly’s reaction when things start going south. There were a couple points where I actually got upset and wanted to yell, “what do you think was going to happen?!?” Which brings me back to how naive her character is.
Overall, this book wasn’t the right fit for me. I need something more realistic. This book isn’t really deep and would be perfect for those who want a steamy romance without needing to dig into a deep, complex plot. For those of you needing more out of your stories, I’m not sure this is the right choice for you.

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