Running- What week am I on…

Monday: 4 Miles

It took me a while to get into my run today. But I really enjoyed the last mile to miles and half. I felt kind of rushed but love my morning runs! I do so much better when I am able to run in the morning than afternoon.

Thursday: 3 Miles

Damn Hills!! I had no idea going into this run all I would be doing is running up and down hills. This was a difficult workout!! I am know I need to to do them more often. But my thighs and knees kind of hurt now that I am done and sitting down.. I hope I didn’t push myself too hard and hurt something.

Sunday: 5 miles

I need to get a better handle of these hills. Not a bad run but it could have been better. Mile three I hit a hill that kind of killed my pace. I’m a little disappointed about that. But I ran and that’s what matters.

Overall, I missed one run this week. It was a short two mile run but it’s still no excuse.

Total milage: 12

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