Moving Comfort Juno Sports Bra

First I want to state I did not receive this bra for free. I went out and bought it like everyone else. The company has no idea I am writing this review and I am not affiliated with them in any way. This is an honest review from someone who has been looking for the perfect bra for a very, very, very, long time. 

For as long as I can remember, I have always had to wear at least two sports bras whenever I did anything that was considered semi active. And because of my size, one of them had to have an underwire to provide enough support. Not the most comfortable..

Sports Bra

I bet you can just image the fun tan lines I get after a summer of running..

Like most women over the years my chest size has fluctuated but one thing has always remained- the uniqueness of my size. Currently I am a 32 FF. And no, I did not miss type. In the past, I have had to special order bras or get them altered to fit. And don’t get me started on how much money I have to spend… ugh!

Now that I am training for a half marathon, along with new shoes I needed a new bra. I head over to my favorite athletic store and talk with one of the sales ladies about my options. And to my surprise, she says she has the perfect bra for my figure and she promises I no longer have to do the double sports bra. I am skeptical but try it on. To be honest, I am not sure if I fell in love with the bra in the changing room or during my first run. I absolutely love the Moving Comfort Juno sports bra.


Bra Features:

  1. Interior unicup Design- gives support, shape, and complete modesty
  2. Interior Front Yoke- prevents vertical breast movement
  3. Powermesh Zones- on back offer maximum ventilation
  4. Front Adjustable Straps- with concealed hook-and-loop closure offer a custom fit on the move
  5. Adjustable Soft Padded Keyhole Back Closure- Offer a custom fit and support
  6. Encapsulation/Compression

This bra is designed for women who have small ribcages but a full chest size. I have been running with this bra for a week now and I am telling you, everything is secure! This bra is great for high impact sports but I personally think you can do about anything in this bra without being disappointed. 

Common questions about this bra:

Q: Will the straps in the back make me have back fat?
– The strap design should not create extra bulge, but the most important thing is proper fit. A comfortable tension at the straps and bottom band to ensure proper support. If it’s too loose, it won’t provide proper support, and if it’s too tight, it could dig in and be uncomfortable.

Q: What is the best way to determine the size you need?
– Most people who wear sports bras, go up a cup size and down a band size from their normal lingerie bra. Others stay the same size and also have a good fit. To best figure out the proper fit, we would suggest getting into a specialty running store to be fitted!

Q: What sizes do these bras come in?
– The band size goes from 30-40 and the cup size comes in a C, D, DD, and E

Q: How long should the bra last?
– The bra should last between 6 months and a year with regular use.

What I loved about this bra:

  • I can wear running tanks without having my bra show!!
  • It actually does a great job of giving shape. In the past I have had bras that made my chest look like some kind of  squished, odd sort of look that was not flattering under any shirt. This bra actually gives some shape, so you could wear it under anything.
  • The impact resistance is great. I’ve taken this bra out on some longish runs, and the girls did not move. The material for the band beneath is thick and sturdy, yet not overly tight, so you get a really good sense of control and stability. And I did not have to wear an underwire bra or two bras to get this!!
  • I liked the adjustable band. It keeps the elastic from wearing down from being too tight, and makes the overall fit much more individual.
  • The straps and razorback design are VERY comfortable on the shoulders and don’t leave dents after I am done wearing them. The open mesh in the back wicks away moisture pretty well. This is the kind of bra you forget you are wearing because it so that comfortable.

What I don’t like or didn’t care for:

  • This bra is a little difficult to get into and out of. After using it a handful of times, it is easier getting it on and off. But this isn’t the kind of bra you can just throw on. You need to take your time to make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be.  Although the back has three hooks, the bra stays attached and you have to maneuver it over your head and breasts before you get it into the right spot. Some can step through but after having kids, my hips are a bit too big to do that.
  • The price is expensive. I ended up buying the 32E and it cost me $60. Expensive, you bet. But not all that surprising considering how much I have to spend on my regular bras.


I highly recommend this bra if you struggle finding a bra that fits. I have never felt so supported while running before. But I think you should go into an athletic store and get sized. Once sized, I think it would be fine to order online but for this bra to work, you need the right size. The bra is expensive but well worth the money.

If you use this bra, I would love to know what you think!


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