Running- Week 14

Monday: 3 mile run

Oh, I loved this run! It was fun and I only struggled the last half mile. I went to my chiropractor today and he thinks I am improving enough that I only have to see him once a week!!! YES!!! I am finally getting there!

Wednesday: 3 mile run

I absolutely love running outside! My goal today was to slow down my pace but I just couldn’t.. I don’t know how long I will be able to keep pushing myself at this pace. My running coach tells me not to run in race pace every time but it’s like my body down’t want to slow down. I’m not sure what to do..

Friday: 2 mile run

Absolute horrible run! I don’t know what is wrong but today was just bad. My knee hurts, I couldn’t get into my zone, and the run just didn’t feel right. I know there will be good runs and bad but this was just horrible. Ugh, I hope tomorrows better!

Saturday: 4 mile run

Best Run Ever!! This was probably my best run all week. I met up with a new running partner who runs at the same pace as I do. As far as running partners go, she was absolutely perfect! What a great way to end my running week!


This week I took Tuesday and Thursday off and slept in more. Although I felt like my runs were better, I think I need to figure out a way to add in strength training or cross training of some kind.

Total miles ran: 12

4 thoughts on “Running- Week 14

  1. Ha, it sucks when you just want to keep running fast. What helped me was getting my breathing to sync with steps. Inhale on right-left-right, exhale of left-right-left.

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  2. A friend suggested the app Runkeeper. I love it! It gives you half mile updates on your pace and progress. I just bought a running watch and hope I enjoy it as much as I do this app. You should try the app 🙂


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