Running- Week 13

Running Monday

Monday: 3 mile run at my faster pace
Monday felt good. My knees are getting stronger. Because I am activating my gluteus for the first time while running, I noticed my running gate was a little off. I think my body is trying to find it’s rhythm again.

Tuesday: Hour with personal trainer
I’ll be honest, this kind of sucked! It sucked because the trainer was really good at what he does and created an exercise routine that focuses on all the muscles that are weak because of my concussion from way back when. And it is both surprising and scary to realize just how weak some of my body is.

I’d like to think of myself as a very active person. I should be strong, but not all of me is. The trainer showed me how I can place a medium resistant band above my knees when doing squats. This takes some of the pressure off my knees, lets them line up easier, and helps me focus most of my energy on activating my glutes.


Wednesday: 3 Mile run at my regular pace, 15 minutes lifting weights
I thought this run was interesting. My regular pace kind of drags now. If you are wondering about the odd numbers, I didn’t restart the treadmill after my warm up (10minutes). And then I also did a 5 minute cool down. After my run and after doing some weights, I had to call it quits. My body is beyond exhausted!!


Thursday: 2 mile run and training session workout
I hate life today. This is day five of raining without a glimpse of clear skies or the sun. My body is exhausted and I am not sure how I am functioning. I need a break!!!

Friday: BREAK DAY!!!!!

Saturday: I just couldn’t find the motivation to run and my knee was killing me. I woke up around 2am Friday morning from knee pain and all day Friday my left knee was killing me. Today, my knee is better but it still hurts. I am going to move my long run to tomorrow and hope it feels better.


Sunday: 4 miles
I absolutely loved my run today!! It was amazing and felt great. But once again MapMyRun on my phone stopped working… It crashed while I was running so I have no idea what my pace was. I hate it and it is so frustrating!! Ugh, I hate when technology doesn’t work.

Total milage: 12

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