Updated Running Plan


I am finally making progress with my knees. I can’t believe a fall and concussion that happened back in 2010 is what has caused me so many problems with my knees/body. Years of going through physical therapy to end up back at the same spot, multiple doctors telling me I will have to give up running and live with how things are, and all the frustration and tears has brought me to this one moment- a chiropractor who was able to listen to what my previous doctors said and come up with a solution.

When I fell and hit the back of my head in 2010, the concussion I had took my nervous system that runs along my spine and scrunched it up. This caused various points along my body to stop firing. What my last physical therapist was able to do was help me un-scrunch my nervous system with three specific exercises. For my nervous system to stay lengthened, I will more than likely have to do these exercises for the rest of my life. Really, for me it’s a small price to pay to be able to run.

Except I couldn’t run. Every time I ran two to three miles, somewhere in this second mile my left knee would begin to hurt. This brought me to the chiropractor I am seeing now. He discovered because I am unable to fire certain muscles- i.e. my gluteus- I have over developed muscles in my legs that are pulling my knee in the wrong direction when I run. His solution- learn how to reactivate my muscles and then strengthen them.

I will tell you this has not been a fun or easy solution. But I am finally at the point where I get to start strengthening my muscles that were once dormant. Considering how active I am and how much I run, it surprises me how weak some of my muscles are.


My goal is still the same- get back to where I was before I got hurt. This is how my workout week is ideally going to look:

  • Monday: Run (Average pace)
  • Tuesday: Weights/Strengthening Exercises
  • Wednesday: Run (Fast pace)
  • Thursday: Weights/Strengthening Exercises
  • Friday: Run (Slow pace)
  • Saturday: Long run (Average to slow pace)
  • Sunday: Rest

If I need to, I can change either Tuesday or Thursday with Sunday. I am going to use this as a general guide but more importantly, I am going to listen to my body. If it needs rest, I am going to rest.

I am really excited to get to a point where running is not painful and something I have to push past. I know I still have a ways to go but I will get there!!

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