Running- Week 12

Monday: 2 miles walk/run
Wow, I am hurting today. I can still feel the effects of getting into wheat from Saturday. Usually I am a bit better than this. But as you can imagine, the run was horrible. I had to walk an enormous amount of times and wanted to die. Yeah Mondays!

Tuesday-Wednesday: Haha, yeah right!
So come to find out I was still eating wheat and ended up getting sick again last night. I think my husband and I have it figured out now. We think the protein powder, although gluten free is also processed in a facility that processes wheat. So I was getting cross contaminated. Not fun. My body feels like it is destroyed and I want to die..

Thursday: 1 Mile
Yes, you read that right, one stinking mile. I don’t want to push myself and get hurt so I am trying to ease back into this. My stomach is a bit better but I am not where I was.

Friday: 3 Miles

I wish I could say that the run was great but it wasn’t. I decided to run with my dog and it did not go well. Two bikers spooked him because they didn’t warn they were passing and as a result he almost tripped me. That with a couple other difficult spots.. lets just say I need to work with him more before he comes back out with me.

Saturday: 4 miles


I am actually really proud with my pace. Although when I reached mile 4, I wanted to die and really struggled to push through. Seeing as my average pace is 10:30, I probably should have slowed down the first three miles. But being as competitive and stubborn as I am, I didn’t.

I still don’t feel like I am back to where I was before getting gluten in my system, but I will get there. I just need to keep plugging the miles. Total miles this week: 10

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