Tuesday Talk- Blogging Part One

Tuesday Talks

Every Tuesday I will try to engage you in a question/topic/idea. You are welcome to write in with a suggestion you want to share or maybe talk about next Tuesday. My response is not right for everyone but I am hoping together we can generate some great conversation. And as always, I would love to hear from you on this topic or any topic out there!  

Usually by Sunday I have Tuesday Talk outlined or at least have an idea of what I am going to talk about. But because I was under the weather, I found myself sipping coffee on a Monday morning wondering what I was going to talk about. It wasn’t until I came across Balie Sussman blog, or more specifically her post entitled: Things only Book Bloggers Can Relate Too, that I figured out what todays topic was going to be about.

This specific blog listed her seven cons to blogging. Yes you read that correctly. Even if you don’t want to admit it, blogging isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes it’s wonderful, sometimes its a bit crazy, and sometimes it just kind of sucks.

So why do we do it? What makes up push through the difficult aspects of blogging and keep posting week after week? Hopefully your response is the good outnumbers the bad 🙂

Here is my question, or maybe it’s more of a challenge, but there are two parts:

Part one– I want you to list however many struggles you would like, but please list at least one, that you face when it comes to blogging. This can be as easy or as complicated as you would like. Is it coming up with new material? Getting discouraged when you see no one has visited your blog that day? If you are looking for more examples, check out  Balie Sussman post.

Part two– I know this is going to be the hardest part for some but try your best. I would like you to list some of the ways you counteract these struggles. If you don’t have any, that’s fine. Please don’t let this part of the question prevent you from participating in this weeks discussion. But again, this part can be as simple as you go for a run to deal with inspiration or saving your post as a draft to come back to the next day.

I really challenge you, if you haven’t participated in one of my Tuesday Talks, this is the one to participate in. Together lets create a list of tools to help overcome some of the most common obstacles we face as a blogging community.

Again, sometime around Friday or Saturday I will post part Two of this segment where I will collect all the answers in one write up. Thanks ahead of time for participating!!

Here is my answers:

Struggles to blogging:

  1. Finding followers but also finding followers that participate- comment/like- your posts. As a relatively new blogger, I find this the hardest obstacle to overcome. I have a nice number of followers but I am only ever able to get a handful participating at a time.
    • Solution- Yikes!! I have no idea. I guess keep trying to engage. I have been trying to come up with different topics that might interest you guys. Sometimes they seem to be more of a hit but others fall flat.
  2. No traffic.. I feel like this kind of goes with the first one. It is beyond discouraging when you look at your stats and see them practically at zero.
    • Solution- At least this is what I have been doing but I really try to roll it off my shoulders. I feel like I have been putting a lot of time into this blog and that is all I can do. I can’t beg people to read my stuff. My grandma always told me- Don’t borrow trouble- meaning stop worrying about things that you have no control over. I have no control over who reads my blog. All I can do is try my best to connect with others. But in the end, it is up to them (you) on if you want to read my posts.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk- Blogging Part One

  1. I’ve found, when I was first starting out, that one of the best things was to make an effort to be social, meaning going onto other blogs and commenting on their posts. We’re a nosy bunch and more often than not they’re going to check your blog out.

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  2. I guess one way to tackle both the issues is to have a target audience. That’ll help you cope up with the near-zero stats. And as time passes, you’ll eventually get more readers. I’m trying it out now, but I’ve hit a wall. Writer’s block for two months now. Anyway, I guess you should try that approach, maybe you’ll have better success that way.

    P.S: I think Tuesday talk is a great idea, and I’ll participate as frequently as I can. Who knows, I might find inspiration here and write an entire post in response to yours? This sounds exciting to me already! 🙂

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  3. Writers block is difficult. Maybe doing a couple writing prompts that are different from what you are trying to write? I have one under my writing folder- it was a little difficult for me but might be fun. Any if you ever need someone to bounce ideas off of or advice, I would be more than happy to help 🙂

    Thanks for the advice on a target audience. I think you are right on about time. I’m glad you like Tuesday talk. Sometimes it’s a hit and sometimes I am not so sure what it is. Good luck on your writers block, would love to help!


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