Running- Week 11


Monday: hour long FIT class
This is a functional Integrated Training class that moves through all planes of motion. The focus is core strength and yes, the class is extremely difficult. But on a positive note, I bought new running shoes!!

Tuesday: Ran 2 miles

Running 1

I am so unbelievably sore after Monday’s class. I don’t think it helps that I am stuck on a treadmill. But running today was a bit torturous.

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Running 2

Ok, this run felt good!. I was able to get into my zone and get lost within the endorphins. This is why I love running!

Thursday: 2 mile run

Running 3

I am going to be honest, my body is in desperate need of a break! My leg muscles are screaming at me and I am honestly contemplating taking an ice bath.

Friday: Rest Day!!

Saturday-Sunday: SICK!!

Saturday my goal was to run 4 miles. But instead I was up at 3 am sick from somehow accidentally eating gluten. I can honestly tell you the pain I feel from this is worse than what I felt when giving birth to my kids. Everything hurts and even having my undergarments touch me feels excruciating! I will be lucky if I am able to run come Monday…

Total Milage: 7 miles


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