Pushing through Discouragement to find the Silver Lining

Last Monday, April 4th, I got on the scale and wanted to cry. I was 1.2 pounds away from my all time high. And all I could think was- how did this happen?!? But really, I know how it happened: It was all the drinking, eating junk food, and just eating more than I was burning off. My jeans that were comfortably loose became tight. My shirts no longer fit. And with the weather warming up, I can no longer hide is sweatshirts.

I can’t believe I am about to do this but I need to own my weight and the choices I make. So here I am..

Age: 31
Weight: 148.8
Percentage of body fat: 31.6 (Over normal/healthy range)
Body fat I needed to lose: 16.8lb.
BMI: 24.8 (normal)

before 1

So I decided to make a change! I started painfully counting calories, hitting the gym harder, and dropped my drinking to once a week. Using the app, Lose It!, I focused on my calories, fat, carbs, and protein.

To lose weight, the app gave me a budget of 1,269 calories per day. Ugh, did I mention how much I hate counting calories. My goal was to keep my carbs between 100-150g and my protein up around 111g. Not an easy feat!

So here is how I did:

  • Monday- Carbs (126g) Protein (80g) Calories (1,239)
  • Tuesday- Carbs (81g) Protein (110g) Calories (1,291)
  • Wednesday- Carbs (130g) Protein (75g) Calories (1,182)
  • Thursday- Carbs (120g) Protein (68g) Calories (1,029)
  • Friday- Carbs (147g) Protein (68g) Calories (1,243)
  • Saturday- Carbs (185g) Protein (75g) Calories (1,662)
  • Sunday- Carbs (132g) Protein (72g) Calories (1,738)

I did a good job on my carbs but protein is something different. Today is weigh in day, it has been one week and I am not expecting a miracle. I am hoping for something positive.


Age: 31
Weight: 148.8
Percentage of body fat: 30.3 (Over normal/healthy range)
Body fat I needed to lose: 14.1
BMI: 24.8 (normal)

I’ve improved some but I don’t think you can really tell in the pictures. Even though the number on the scale stayed the same, I lost 1.3% of body fat and how much body fat I need to lose has also went down 2.7lbs.

I need to keep in mind that it has only been a week but there are changes. So here I go with another week of hitting the gym hard, counting calories, and running 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pushing through Discouragement to find the Silver Lining

  1. Sweetie, in over ten years of being a fitness instructor and personal trainer I have found the easiest way to lose weight is to limit yourself to 3 meals a day, approximately five hours apart. Do not snack, no morning tea, nothing before bed. I eat breakfast at 730, lunch around 12, dinner at 530. Maybe I’ll have a hot drink at 3, but just eat reasonably sized meals. My motto is Wake up hungry! You don’t have to stress over % of carbs, fat, protein, but of course you have to limit junk food. Also callipers is the best way to measure body fat so I wonder if your app is accurate. Good luck💙

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  2. What is callipers? I am going to have to look that up. I use the machine at my gym to measure bmi, % of body fat, etc. I am using the app provide me with the suggested amount of calories, track calories and workouts. But I am stressing and I know it’s stupid to do this.

    I usually workout early in the morning and have a banana before that so my stomach isn’t completely empty and I have energy. I have one snack around 3 but stick to my three meals, dinner (around 5:30)being the last thing I eat every night. I think I am putting too much emphasis on the number on the scale. Because I know I’m not fat. Fat people don’t wear the size jeans that I do. Once again it goes back to a mental thing with me.


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