Glass Ceiling (True Heroes #2)

Glass Ceiling

Author: A.M. Madden
Published: May 24, 2016

Stars: 3.5 out of 5


When a perfect new love is shattered, two hearts will do anything to pick up the pieces.

Two years ago, Nick Farley was undercover as a bartender in Chicago. The tough-as-steel FBI agent was working all the angles to build a case against a local crime syndicate, but even his intense focus was no match for the sight of Angela Cavallo’s plump pink lips pulling on her drink. All Nick got was one night—the longest, hottest, sweetest night of his life. It could have been the beginning of something real. Instead, she walked away—and Nick watched her go.

Angela has made some mistakes in her life, but Nick was never one of them. Nor was the baby boy he doesn’t know about. But Angela has been running from a stalker for so long that she’s forgotten how to feel safe. So when Nick suddenly reappears in her life, Angela faces a moment of truth. She wants to trust him and reveal her secrets—her life and the life of their son may depend on it—but first she needs to know that Nick can handle her past, and promise the one thing she most craves: a future together.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.


This book is a stand alone. The book is chunked into multiple parts, most of which are told through Nicks point of view but some of the chapters are told through Angela’s. In the middle, section two, the book switches from the present to the past. Personally, I don’t really like when authors do this. I find it more annoying than anything else. But in this case, I felt like the author had no choice but to do this. If the book was written in chronological order, then there would be no mystery or build up.

Nick is a perfectionist who loves a challenge. And if that challenge happens to be a shy female with a nice body, let’s just say there’s no stopping Nick from accepting the challenge. When I was first introduced to Nick, I did’t really like his character. He is more  arrogant than confident. But ultimately his charm and the way he is with Angela wins me over. As the book continues, Nicks character strengthens and grows. Although a part of him always remains arrogant, you learn he has every right to be that way. I wouldn’t classify him as a soft character, but the way he is with Angela is as close as anyone could get to being associated with softness.

Angela is extremely shy, reserved, innocent, and somewhat of a mousy character. I personally didn’t find her character too appealing. There just didn’t seem to be much there, much depth. As you get further in the story, Angela opens up about her past and she becomes less mysterious. But the way she handled some situations really drove me crazy. How her character showed some inconsistencies that made it difficult for me to really enjoy reading her character. For example- when she was defining her relationship with Nick, she first said it was a serious relationship. But within the same section of the book it went from being a serious relationship to just dating, to a fling, to a one nightstand, and settling on some guy just passing through town. This irritated me because I felt like I couldn’t keep up with either her mood swings or how she actually felt about Nick.

 This book really had my heart hurting for Nick. And up until the middle of the book, I could handle Angela’s character. But then Angela does something that ultimately pushed me away from the book- Angela tells Nick he has a son that she has hidden from him for thirteen months. Outch! The thing is, I knew this was coming. It’s in the synopsis so it shouldn’t have been that big of a surprise. But I guess I wasn’t prepared for how much I liked and understood Nick’s character. I was completely enraged for Nick.

And if only Angela had a good enough reason for why she didn’t tell Nick about their child. Everything, in my mind, was a half ass excuse. Heck, she blamed the universe was agents them. Seriously! As a mother and wife, I have had to watch the pain my husband has gone through when he travels and misses out on our sons first everything- steps, words, rolling over, etc. I think I took that pain from my husband and put it in Nick’s character. Which I think says something about the authors ability to write a character that can be relatable.

Overall, the book is a mystery and pulls at your emotions. You can’t help but wonder what you would have done in Angela’s spot. The writing is well done and it is unbelievable how quickly you get lost in the story. If it wasn’t for the excuses Angela gave about keeping the baby away from his father, I would have really enjoyed this book. But that hit me harder than I could have imagined and pushed me away from the book. I doubt my experience will be anything like yours and I do recommend the book for anyone looking for an intense love affair with a mysterious edge.

6 thoughts on “Glass Ceiling (True Heroes #2)

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything from this author before. Stories like this always rub me the wrong way. I try to rationalize why a woman would keep a child from their father. But then, I have to also try to respect that decision when everything is explained. I’m glad you were able to still like it.

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  2. It was difficult but because of the decision about keeping the child away from the father, this isn’t the kind of book I would read again. I think this is a great book for someone who can get past that, but if you can’t then I would not recommend spending the time reading it.


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