Running- Week 10

Monday: 3 Miles
Running 6Again, Running today was amazing!! I still have the tape on my knee and the miles just passes. It has been a while since I have really enjoyed my run and embraced it because of the pain in my knees. But today, today was awesome!!






Tuesday: 3 miles on an elliptical and 10 minutes on the Stairs

exhaustedToday kicked my ass and my knee is not happy. I really wanted to hit the cardio hard today and I did. By the end of my 40 minute workout, my shirt was soaked and I was in a desperate need of a shower. My knee was fine until I went 10 minutes on the stairs. Now it is kind of screaming at me. I skipped weights today and focused on stretching and doing the foam roll.



Wednesday: Ran 2.61 Miles
Wow, my knee was absolutely killing me!! This run was tortuous and hurt. I just couldn’t do it. I should not have done stairs yesterday. Talking with my chiropractor, he said because I am still struggling to activate some of my muscles (i.e. butt) I am over using my thighs and that is putting extra strain on my knees. This sucks!! I really needed a good run today.



I took today off because my knee still hurts and my aunt died. It has been a rough couple days. Emotions have been high and my outlet (running) has not been an option.

Saturday: 2 mile run
I went to the gym late today and took my oldest son (3 years old). Like I have mentioned before, I like running early in the morning so there isn’t any interruptions. Right as I was getting into my zone and loving my run, around 1.5 miles in, I get called down to the kids academy. After I get back from helping my son, it was just impossible to get back into my run. I tried but fail miserably. So I ended up stopping at only two miles.. I’m disappointed. But there is still one more day this week, so I am hopeful tomorrow will be my great run!
** Sorry no picture, because I had to get off the machine to help my son, I lost all my running information **

Sunday: 4 mile run
Miles 1-3 was easy and fun. I hit my runners high around mile 2. God, I have missed that feeling!! Mile 4 was tough but I did it.

I do have exciting news!!! During this run I felt my glutes being activated!! I think I am finally making progress!!






Total Milage: 11 Miles

Considering everything that went on this week, I am really happy with my workouts! How did your week go?

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