Week 7- Ugh!!

Monday I decided to take a workout class. One of my favorite instructors came up to me and suggested the class because she knows I have weak knees and need to strengthen them. The class was an hour long and it was unbelievably hard. But the focus was on my knees, core, and back. It sucked, but it was good for me.

Tuesday– I tried running. The key word there was try. I was aiming for three miles but I was so unbelievably sore from Monday’s class that I struggled to do two.


Wednesday and Thursday I took off because I could barely walk.

Friday– I went to the gym and I was able to get three miles in plus lift some weights. Whoop! Whoop!

Saturday and Sunday– I spent the day in the back yard working. I dug holes, filled in holes, moved dirt around, rocks from the front to the back yard, took a couple trees down, and dug out roots. My back kills but the yard is starting to look like an actual yard.

Overall- 5 miles this week and I’m disappointed in myself once again. Maybe some day I can actually run like I want…


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