Week 5


Monday: Today it just isn’t going to happen. For all the Mothers out there, I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about. What happened last night is what I call the dreaded Grandma Withdrawal!! My husbands parents stayed the weekend with us to help celebrate my oldest sons birthday. But whenever my youngest son would cry, they would pick him up, hold and cuddle with him- regardless of the time. This was especially true at night. So last night my youngest son (14 months old) was not happy that he wasn’t aloud to get up and cuddle at 10:00pm, midnight, 1:00 am.. (I think you get the picture), he cried for a good amount of time last night. To say I didn’t get much sleep last night is an understatement. This usually happens and lasts for one night, but it is a very long night.

Pull hiar out

Tuesday: 1 mile, lifted weights
I want to pull my hair out!! I decided sleep was what my body needed most and skipped my morning workout. After dropping my son off at his 2/3 preschool class, I took my youngest (14 months) to the gym. They have free daycare and I thought I would be able to get a good workout in.


I get called down after 30, maybe 45 minutes and told that ‘he is just so sad’. I guess I really do need to stick with my morning workouts. Otherwise, I just can’t fit it in. Tomorrow I am making myself get up and get to the gym early!


Wednesday: Ran 2 Miles, lifted weights, ab workout
A good friend of mine told me ‘Running is channeling your inner athlete and battling your sluggish thoughts.’ And today was that battle. I’m not sure why, but today running two miles was like running in quicksand. My inner thoughts kept telling me to slow down and walk.


Friday: Ran 2 miles, lifted weights, walked stairs
Today’s workout was good. My muscles feel like mush and I don’t think I could have lifted anything else. I don’t know if you can tell, but my run today was better than my run on Wednesday. I ran 1 minute and 21 seconds faster. On the treadmills at my gym, I found this app where you can select a course you want to run. Today I ran along the California trails. For some reason, watching the trees go by and scenery really helped.

Saturday: Crazy spin class
My spin class instructor is insane but completely awesome!! This week she not only had do a ton of hill sprints but she also made us do Yoga while cycling. Yes, you read that correctly, YOGE and at the same time you had to keep 80-100 RPM’s. You might think this sounds easy and if so, good for you. But it completely sucked and by the end of class, my body but especially my thighs, were killing me. I wasn’t sure I was going to make 14 miles during the hour class, but I did 🙂


Sunday: Run 3.07 Miles
This was a difficult run. I ran with my friend and she wanted to talk the entire run. I’m not much of a talker when I run but it’s good for me. Besides the wind, it was a beautiful day!! And I feel amazing now that I ran.

Week Overview: Ran 8 miles!!
I’m signing up for a half marathon soon!! My aim is for a June/July race 🙂

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