Week Four


Monday: Ran 1 mile and lifted weights

I am so disappointed I only ran one mile. Usually I run first and then lift. But my husband said it was better to lift first before your cardio. On the plus side- I had the best lift session so far. On the down side- My body was so exhausted that I could only run 1 mile. Not good..

Tuesday: Swimming 🙂

I am proud to say I kicked butt in the pool this morning. My workout consisted of: 100 meter warm up, 6 100 meter pulls with 20 second rest in-between, 5 100 meter kicks with 20 second rest in-between, 500 meter swim, 100 meter cool down. When I was leaving the gym, I seriously contemplated using the elevator instead of taking the stairs. My body is warn out but I can tell I’m getting stronger. And that my friends, is an amazing feeling!!

Wednesday – Sunday

Survive!! Husband has been traveling and getting to the gym has been impossible. Right now I am in survival mode and sleep is something I dream about…

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