Paranormal Powers?

So here is my dilemma: I am at the point in my story that I need to finalize details before I can continue on writing my book. But I’m not exactly sure which direction to take. This is where I could use some help πŸ™‚

Simply put- my book is about three families (similar to mafia) run the town. Each family with either have one special power or a small collection of powers that similar. The main heroine will have a special power above the others- an elemental power of Nature/life. I’m not sure if she will have any other but that will her primary.

My question is: What should I have the other families powers be? Do I keep them in the Elemental power category or would it be acceptable to add sorcery?

What are your thoughts?!?!?


I need to add more detail about the story:

There are three families:
Blackfield: This is the family the Heroine is from, Ally. She gets kicked out of the family but they bring her back because they need help. She is reluctant and doesn’t want to help but the Marcello family changes her life and pushes her to help. I am not sure what powers this family will have. But I feel like it should be something strong. Any ideas?

Marcello: This is the tyrant, the main bad guy. The other two families team together to try to defeat this man. He kills someone close to Ally and wants her for himself. He will have Sorcerer powers and some type of elemental power. Not sure what. Any Ideas??

Frost: They will have a weather Elemental power. They will control water and air- being able to create storms, tornadoes, and whatnot.

7 thoughts on “Paranormal Powers?

  1. Hmm I think maybe it would the depend on the type of conflict. Would the story and conflict make sense if they have different types of powers? Would there even be a conflict? I guess if the heroine is the one with the elemental power and that makes her unique, then I guess the other characters shouldn’t have elemental powers? Or, I suppose give each family a specialized element but give the heroine the ability to control metal as well. I don’t know, I’m not a writer so maybe I shouldn’t be giving any ideas >_<

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  2. Ideas are great!! I guess I didn’t explain my book idea enough. The families run the area because they hold the most magic and cruel in a mobster sense. Two of the families will join forces to defeat the third family who is EVIL. I was leaning towards him having sorcerer powers but also one elemental power- a dark one. The other family will have a weather/ice elemental power. But I am not sure what her family will have. What makes her stand out is her nature power. But I am not sure… Maybe I will edit the post to add more details..

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