Fighting Dirty (Worth the Fight #5)

Fighting Dirty

Author: Sidney Halston
Published: January 5, 2016
Pages: 240

Stars: 4 out of 5


With his preppy clothes and horn-rimmed glasses, Enzo Silva is the last dude anyone expects to find in a mixed martial arts gym. A wealthy Brazilian banker who never had to fight for anything, Enzo’s stuck in the amateur circuit—but he burns to make the pros. Maybe that explains the heat he feels whenever he’s around Jamie Lynn Calhoun. The pint-size, magenta-haired bartender with the Texas drawl is everything he’s not . . . and everything he craves.

Tough as nails and independent to a fault, Jamie Lynn—JL to her friends—works hard to pay her bills and keep life simple. Enzo is doing his best to complicate that. Even though she likes to bust his balls, he’s got some kind of a nerdy-hot vibe that makes JL wonder if she might finally be able to let her guard down. It might do the boy some good to spend some time in her world, where blood, sweat, and victory are as sweet as the first taste of real love.


Regardless that it is February, sometimes you just need a sexy romance full of spunk and alpha deliciousness. Well, sometimes I need that 🙂 And Fighting Dirty hit the spot!! Can we just take a moment to admire the cover. It is almost impossible for me to resist a sexy, hot, pretty cover.

Enzo is a successful, uptight, trust fund man who has had a very sheltered life. But that life came with strict expectations and guidelines he was required to follow. Meeting Jamie Lynn has opened him to a world of possibilities. A world where it’s safe to indulge in ones fantasies. A place where it’s safe to relax. I really liked Enzo’s character. Although I would classify him with a more gentler dominant  personality, he definitely rocks the sexy nerd look. I enjoyed watching his character grow into the man he should have always been. And he is absolutely gush worthy when it comes to Jamie Lynn.

Jamie Lynn has had a rough and tough past. She is due for some good fortune and lots of love. At first her character kind of rubbed me the wrong way because I wanted her to be different. Jamie has the image of a punk rocker with the voice of a southern bell. Once you accept this and her brass personality, she is wonderful character. Besides, her past more than makes up for why she is the way she is. Jamie Lynn is light and almost reminds me of how kids look at the world- a world that is always half full. It made me wonder, when did I stop being so optimistic about life and the small opportunities every day brings?

I will say I was disappointed with the predictability of the book and that’s why the book lost one star. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a great book. But it was like watching a train wreck, a slow and painful one You knew it was going to happen, you had to painfully watch it happen, and all I could do was shake my head.

The ending was fun in that over the top romantic kind of way. The sex was exciting and risky. This book is an easy read and I can’t wait for the next one to come out. The characters in this series are wonderful and if you haven’t given this series a chance, you are missing out!

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