Week Three

Alarm Clock

Monday: Ran 2 Miles on the dreadmill. Oh did I say dreadmill, I meant treadmill. I miss running outside and living in Minnesota makes that a little difficult!! The first mile of this run sucked. I was dragging butt and had to walk for 15-30 seconds twice. But the last miles is exactly why I run. I love hitting that point where the endorphins start to kick in, your breathing comes easy, your mind clears, and life is manageable. It’s such an addicting feeling. Looking back over this summer when running 3-5 miles was nothing, It makes me wonder if I will ever get back there again. I hate how running two miles is difficult for me. And getting up at 4:30 this morning was difficult but my body already feels much better than previous mornings and my mind feels calm. Although it’s going to suck, I think I found my time for exercise. Fingers crossed I can continue this routine the rest of the week!!


Tuesday: Swimming

  • Warm up 100 free style
  • Pull 6-50 meters, 15 second rest
  • 0 second rest transition
  • Kick 6-50 meter free kick, 15 second rest
  • 2 minute rest transition
  • 500 meter swim
  • 100 cool down

I think I was a little excited for todays workout. I set my alarm for 4 am but woke up at 3:15. Although during my workout I didn’t get the addictive high I get when I run, I am sore and feel like I had an awesome workout. It is a little depressing looking at what I was able to accomplish today compared to last Fall/late summer. But I will get there again. I am counting today as a Win!!

Wednesday: Ran 2.25 miles, Walked .75 miles at an incline of 12 and 4 mph, lifted weights

I was going to take today off and let my body recover. Overnight, we received 9 inches of snow and my husband decided to stay home. So at 8:30, I found myself kid free and heading to the gym. The roads weren’t great and it took twice as long to get there, but who can honestly pass up a couple hours of being kid free!! Todays workout was inspiring. I started my run and thought- man, here we go again. Another difficult two miles. But before long, I found I was in the zone and my body was moving. Next thing I know, I look down to see I’ve ran two miles. I guess seeing that number broke my zone because my mind, maybe my body but probably my mind, decided it was done. Either way, after this run today, I am more optimistic about my three mile run on Sunday.


Friday: 2 miles

Wow, I never thought I would say this but these two miles flew!! I just started running and next thing I know, I am already done with my workout. Fan-freaking-tastic!!!

Cycling funny

Saturday: 60 minute Cycling class- 15.6 miles

I know I say this every Saturday but I absolutely love my cycling class! This is one of the hardest classes I have taken because the entire 60 minutes are made up of sprints. And your breaks between the sprints are hills or dancing. Ha, yes that is right- dancing. Have you ever tried to dance on a bike? Well, let me tell you from the musically UNgifted standpoint, it is hard as hell and you look completely ridiculous while doing it. But then again, the entire class is doing it so we all look a little crazy.

I added the picture because I would be lying if that thought hasn’t crossed my mind. Even though the class was difficult, this is the first time I made it through the entire class without wanting to die. Don’t get me wrong, I still had to adapt a couple of the sprints but not nearly as many as I had before. And I can tell my recovery time is getting faster. All in all, a great start to my Saturday!!


Sunday: Ran 3 miles and lifted weights

Yes, you read that correct!! I did it, I ran 3 miles without stopping 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I really wanted to stop. The last half mile was killer and I was counting down the time and milage before I made my goal. But I did it. I have been fighting for this moment for a while and I did it!

Hope you had a successful week!!

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