Week Two

I was really disappointed in myself with how little I ran last week. I started the week out strong but by the end I lacked motivation. I haven’t felt like myself lately and I know running will help me feel better. I need to make some adjustments in my life and get

Monday: Surprise, Surprise, I lacked motivation. This morning I found out my uncle died.

Tuesday: 30 Minute Spin Class with 30 Minute Circuit rotation.

Wednesday: 60 Minute Spin Class

Thursday: I must have pushed myself to hard because my ankle kills. I don’t want to do something that will make things worse. I am going to take a couple days rest.

Sunday: Ran 2 miles, Walked half a mile at an incline of 12, Small weight regiment.

Overall, not a great week. Again I am walking away disappointed in myself. I am going to change the time I work out and see if that helps. I am not a night runner and I am beginning to think I am not an afternoon runner either. There is just too many distractions. Next week I am aiming for Morning Workouts. Wish me Luck!

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