Hal Higdon Training Program

Turtle Running

I would never say I am a fast runner, but I enjoy running. There’s something about getting lost in your music or within the thoughts bouncing around your head that’s almost therapeutic. Which is what brought me to today. After getting sick countless times (I mean seriously, how many times can a person get sick before enough is enough), bleaching my house from top to bottom, and finally feeling recovered enough to start working out, I’ve decided to finish what I started last year. Yes, a half marathon might be a bit ambitious. But isn’t that the point of have a goal? If I’m going to set a goal, it better be worth reaching. And besides, the only way I’m ever going to receive a medal for running a race is when they hand them out to everyone. 🙂

I’ve decided to use Hal Higdons half marathon training program as a loose outline for my training. I used this last year with good success and if it wasn’t for falling on the stairs a couple weeks before my race, I would have reached my goal. I’m probably going to make some tweaks to the training plan that better fit my life and my physical fitness level. Below is a link to Hal Higdons half marathon training schedule I’m referring to.

Half Marathon Training

My Goal is to get back to where I was before I hurt my knees and became sick. Eventually this is what I want my workout schedule to look like. Tuesday and Thursday will be interchangeable with a flexible schedule.


  • Monday: Run (Average pace)
  • Tuesday: Weights, Swim, or Rest
  • Wednesday: Run (Fast pace)
  • Thursday: Weights, Swim, or rest
  • Friday: Run (Average pace)
  • Saturday: Cycling
  • Sunday: Long run (Average to slow pace

But I need to add miles to my legs before I can start a serious workout schedule. So unfortunately I won’t be jumping into this schedule right away. I’ll probably forces just on the running until I’m able to easily run 2-3 miles at a comfortable pace.

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure and share your insight and encouraging words.



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