Broken (Reflections #1)


Author: Dean Murray                                                                                                  Published: December 25, 2011                                                                                                 Pages: 352

Stars: 1 out of 5


Adri Paige is too busy dealing with the emotional fallout from losing half of her family to deal with boys. At least she thought so until the two most intriguing guys in her new school take an interest in her.

Both boys are gorgeous and blessed with obscene amounts of money. They should have the emotional depth of note cards, but instead display undercurrents she doesn’t fully understand. Rumors the pair destroys peoples’ livelihoods seem ludicrous until she gets caught in the crossfire and her family almost loses their home. She’s increasingly unsure either boy is really human, and their rivalry is rapidly turning deadly.


This book was hard to follow. There were parts I had to retread a couple times and still couldn’t understand what happened. This story is about a girl named Abri who is emotionally traumatized because she lost her father and twin sister in a car accident. She is an extremely weak character who constantly faints, has panic attachs, detaches from the world, and is helpless. Her mom moves them to another state and even though the main character is no longer eating and having all these attachs, the mom leaves her for days at a time to go take photos.

This story reminded me the Twilight series. Where the hottest guy in school is interested in no one but then can’t stop thinking about about the new girl. This book was not good. I looked at the reviews before reading thinking it can’t be as bad as everyone is saying but it is. The book was a really slow read because I was constantly trying to clarify what was going on. And as a reader, I can only handle so much of the self loathing, weak attitude before it turns me off from the book. It’s really to bad because there were some aspects of the book that held an interesting mystery that I wanted to uncover. But not enought to dive into the second book.

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