Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Author: Scott Morrison                                                                                                Published: January 1, 2016                                                                                                 Pages: 369

Stars: 4 out of 5


Circles is the most popular social network in the world: vast, ubiquitous, and constantly evolving. Days before expanding into China, Circles suffers a devastating cyberattack—and a key executive is brutally murdered.

As he fights to save the company he helped build, top engineer Sergio Mansour uncovers evidence of a massive conspiracy that turns the power of Circles against its users. But as Sergio investigates, someone is watching his every move—someone ruthless enough to brand him a criminal and set a vicious hit man on his trail.

Desperate to clear his name, Sergio turns to Malina Olson, a beautiful and headstrong doctor who has an agenda of her own. Now, he and Malina must survive long enough to expose the truth in a world without hiding places, where a single keystroke can shift the global balance of power.


This book isn’t the typical book I pick up but I’m glad I was given the opportunity to review it. This book is a complex mystery thriller with each chapter bringing something new. It was a little difficult to get into but I was hooked once I was a couple chapters in. Have you ever wondered what possible ramifications could come from giving too much information out on Facebook? Some of the things in this book hit a little close, especially with the upcoming election.

Overall, the book is very well written and extremely suspenseful. Some of the technical language went right over my head, but didn’t take too much away from the book. I’m sure if I had more of a programming or computers background, I might have gotten more out of the book. Either way, I still thought it was a good book.

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