Free Pass


Author: Allie Kincheloe                                                                                               Published: June 15, 2015                                                                                                     Pages: 284

Stars: 2 out of 5


My world flipped upside down with a single text—photographic proof my boyfriend cheated. In a last ditch effort to save our so-called relationship, Austin blurts out the most ridiculous idea—even the score with any guy I choose?
Austin’s plan is hardly an option … until I stumble into Jake’s path. Now the only possibility I can bring myself to consider is the one man I am forbidden to choose.

One chance…

Laney is everything I want. Lips that beg to be kissed every time she speaks. Eyes that look straight into my soul. And that ass…
Going after my brother’s girl? Some lines aren’t meant to be crossed—until those lines blur and I get my chance.


I have never hated a character so fast and so much as I did Austin! Within a couple pages, I was outraged for Laney and I had yet to discover the plot. The author did a fantastic job grabbing the readers attention with the introduction of Austin. Although the book was an easy and fast read, the complexity of the plot was interesting, if not surprising. To say a double standard existed was a huge understatement. After only a couple chapters in the book, I didn’t know who I hated more- Austin, his parents, or Laney’s parents.

Laney is a girl we all know- pretty, loyal, all to trusting, and hands her heart over to the wrong guy. In this case that’s Austin, the cheating boyfriend of three years. But the thing that irritated me about Laney is her inability to stand up for what she wants. Her character isn’t very strong but more of a submissive, walk all over me kind. I really didn’t care for Laney’s character and all the drama she created.

Jake, Austin’s brother and her two week free pass, is confident but sometimes has the cheesiest lines. Throughout the book, I find myself laughing at how ridiculous the lines are. As the book progresses, it’s easy to see Jake has a temper with a dominant personality.

The book was a little hard to follow in the sense you didn’t know how old the characters were or what they did right away. In fact, it took till chapter 9 to find out Laney was in college and Jake was possible in advertising?? No wait, the next chapter states he’s a graphic designer. See, hard to follow.

Overall, the book wasn’t for me. The sex scenes were steamy and fun to read. But Laney’s character really bugged me and there was far too much unnecessary drama for my taste.

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