The Core (Equilibrium #1)


Author: Kate Thomas                                                                                                           Published: February 10, 2015                                                                                                  Pages: 200

Stars: 3 out of 5


There’s something strange about David, something that goes beyond the way he makes Ellie feel. He’s wealthy, poised, and a complete enigma. With nothing to lose but her heart, Ellie goes in search of the truth — a search that leads her down an eye-opening path that reveals secrets about the world she thought she knew.

The world’s order is held in careful balance, the essence of good and evil tilting the scale. When the fabric of reality is stripped away, Ellie is forced to make a decision to follow the path David’s constructed before her or simply walk away. The Core is missing and someone must step up and stand between the light and darkness, holding each back and maintaining equilibrium.


The concept of Alice going down the rabbit hole most definitely applies to this book. While times I love the verbal web the author creates, where you feel you are following Alice. But other times I feel like the dialogue becomes superficial. I think part of this is the struggle I have with the characters. Ellie is odd in that she believes the unbelievable but denies the obvious. Half way through the book this gets annoying. She doesn’t question things that scream something is wrong but she questions random acts. I understand when it comes to paranormal books, there needs to be some balance between things still being realistic but also fantasy. This book at times was unrealistic. The author hints at a love triangle and forbidden love. Overall, the book is an easy read.

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