Embrace (The Affair #2)


Author: Stacey lynn                                                                                                     Published: May 10, 2015                                                                                                     Pages: 256

Stars: 3 out of 5


Liam Parker crash landed into Laurie’s life when everything else was crumbling all around her. Her marriage and career were in pieces and her mind was left spinning.
But one touch from Liam, and Laurie could forget everything else around her.
She thought she had it all figured out. As Laurie lost herself in Liam’s warm caresses and his commanding blue eyes, her husband refused to go quietly into the night. While Laurie fought to move on, it was James who was working his way back into her life, fighting for the marriage they had once held dear.
Forced to make choices she never imagined having to make, Laurie finally found herself on firm footing, knowing which way she was going to turn. But then life threw her another curveball. And when she once again began picking up the pieces, learning how to survive and rebuild after everything exploded, there was only one man still there, one man who remained by her side, showing her that sometimes life isn’t about learning how to survive…


This story is something else. This book is full of drama, betrayal, and hurt pride. I know James cheated on Laurie and to be honest, I’m not sure If something like this actually happened to me that I could forgive and forget. But my heart hurts for James!

Laurie’s character really frustrated me in this book. Part of me wants to shake Laurie and tell her to stop toying with the men in her life. But another part understands why she is hesitant. She says she wants one thing, but when that one thing is looking her in the eye, she doesn’t want it. Ugh, talk about emotional whiplash!

The part of the story that had me throwing my hands up and almost walking away from the book is when Laurie walks in on James masturbating to porn and completely freaks out. She acts as though James cheated on her and what he was doing was wrong. There is nothing wrong about masturbation and I feel like the author is sending a bad message that there is. Laurie’s expectations aren’t realistic.

Luckily, Laurie gets herself together by the end of the book and I am happy to say I love the ending! It was touch and go there and an emotional roller coaster.

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