Breach (Breach #1)


Author: K.I. Lynn
Published: December 31, 2013
Pages: 270

Stars: 4 out of 5


Delilah Palmer has always maintained control of her life and outward personality, blocking the truth that’s just below the surface. Using a façade meant to be normal and hide the scars of her childhood, she’s made a good life for herself. Becoming a successful lawyer, she is finally free from the tortured past that haunts her daily. Until he comes along and breaks open the cracks.

Nathan Thorne has a haunted past of his own. On the surface, he is personable, extroverted, and loved by everyone; everything Delilah isn’t. However, hidden beneath his charming smile is a dark and tormented man that only Delilah has the power to unveil.

Forced into a small office together, they begin to see through each other’s masks, and the magnetic attraction ignites an explosive relationship. Their firm, Holloway and Holloway Law, has a strict non-fraternization policy, forcing them to conceal their breach. But despite their efforts, separation becomes impossible, deceptions escalate, and Nathan begins to teeter on the edge of being overtaken by his past demons.

What dark secrets does Nathan harbor that stop him from giving in, and what is it that keeps him from healing and moving forward? And more importantly, where does Delilah fit into his turmoil? Will they be able to accept love and deal with all the trials that develop as their secrets are exposed, or will they fall through the cracks of their pasts and be consumed by all that haunts them?


Delilah is a workaholic at a law firm. After her last partner, she thought no one could be worse. But once she meets Nathan, she discovers how painfully wrong she is. Even with the firms non-fraternization policy, women in the office are throwing themselves at Nathan. Delilah doesn’t think things could get worse, but what kind of book would this be if they didn’t? Delilah soon discovers Nathan lives in the same condo complex as she does and goes to the same dive bar. This all sounds like a fantastic read but what the writing style is lacking is ‘show don’t tell’ me everything. The author tells the reader of Delilah’s discontent with Nathan but doesn’t really show it through examples of witty banter, disagreements, or really any concrete evidence. By the second half of the book, the writing gets more descriptive and the author ‘shows’ the reader instead of staring.

The entire time you are reading this book, you feel like you are on train that’s about ready to crash any minute. The chaos and disfunction in this book is at times intense, overwhelming, sad, and an overall of feeling WTF!! The bedroom talk in this book can be steamy at times but mostly this kind of dirty talk/forplay isn’t my thing. What really drew me into the book was the emotion and again chaos. It was so intense, I didn’t want to put the book down.

Delilah’s character is full of self loathing. To say she has low self esteem is an understatement. She is also an odd, depressing person. Instead of going out with her friend, she turns her down so she can go to a bar, drink by herself, get completely wasted, and stumble home into bed. She does this enough that she has become one of the regulars at the bar, the bar tender knows her by name, and knows her drink. Delilah has hidden demons and is a weak sad character that isn’t very much fun to read about. But sometimes those characters end up being the best and there story needing to be told.

Nathan looks like a typical attractive guy. It’s almost comical if not an over the top way to describe how attractive Nathan is when his ‘boob squad’ fan club was introduced in the book. But Nathan is a very aggressive guy- physically. His mood swings are disarming, if not down right scary. And his way of dealing with anger is to start punching walls and braking things. Like Delilah, he to is broken and stuck in a world full of demons.

Overall, the book didn’t start out the greatest but made up for it by the end.

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