Unfinished Business (Angela Panther #1)

Unfinished Business

Author: Carolyn Aspenson                                                                                          Published: March 25, 2014                                                                                                 Pages: 266

Stars: 3 out of 5


When Angela Panther’s mother Fran Richter wakes her up in the middle of the night ranting about stolen Hershey Bars, Angela thinks her mother’s got a screw loose. And then it hits her. Her mother is dead. Just a few hours before, Angela watched as the funeral home staff nearly dropped her mother’s body off the gurney while sliding her into the hearse. So maybe she’s the one that’s nuttier than a fruitcake?

But Fran keeps popping in and with a volcano full of drama already brewing at home—crazy or not—Angela’s grateful for her mother’s presence. It’s the other ghosts Angela can do without.

Seems Fran’s return opened a portal between Angela and the other side and ghosts are hitting up the reluctant psychic medium for help. From the naked British guy juggling balls in the coffee shop parking lot to the woman desperately trying to save her sick child, Angela must find a way to balance her own life with the unfinished business of the dead.


The phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ has never been more true. The main character, Angela, wasn’t ready for her mom to die, but then who is. But when she wakes up to her mothers ghost, she thinks she has gone crazy. But by coming back to be with her family, Angela’s mother has opened a portal and now there are ghosts popping up everywhere.

The beginning of this book really dragged. Yeah it’s cool that the main character, Angela, can see her moms ghost but nothing really happened. For the first handful of chapters, the book discussed preparing for the funeral and how the daughter was adapting, aka being snarky and lashing out- of course all in the name of her mother dying. I really didn’t like the way Angela treated or acted towards her children. For some reason some of her comments rubbed me wrong.

As the story continues, you discover that Angela was born with the ability to “see” ghosts but somewhat grew out of it/repressed it. This ability awakens again because of her mothers death. And now she finds herself seeing, talking, and realizing she can help other ghosts. Her son can also see and communicate with ghosts.

Angela’s sense of humor was hard for me to relate to and wasn’t really for me. This book puts a spin to the paranormal- bring to light the sad difficult issues with a twist of humor. It was a refreshing new approach that. Even though there were some interesting characters, the book moved slower than I would have liked.

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