Forged in Fire (The Vessel Trilogy #1)

Forged in Fire

Author: Juliette Cross                                                                                                  Published: January 27, 2015                                                                                               Pages: 318

Stars: 2 out of 5


Genevieve Drake never needed a man to come to her rescue. Not until the night of her twentieth birthday, when some dude nearly chokes her to death in an alley behind a New Orleans Goth club. And a hot stranger splits the guy in half, rips a monster from inside, and incinerates it into ash. The hunky rescuer? Jude Delacroix—Dominus Daemonum, Master of Demons, now her guardian, whether she likes it or not. But she’s seriously beginning to like it.

Her would-be murderer turns out to be only the first of many minions of the demon prince, Danté, who has all kinds of lascivious and sadistic plans. Which means when the formidably beautiful Jude offers his protection, Genevieve has no problem accepting it.

For Jude and his fellow demon hunters tell her she is a Vessel, one who is born to serve the Light, but can be corrupted into a weapon of darkness. And to survive, she must trust a man whose unearthly eyes promise heaven…but whose powers unleash hell.


This book was interesting. I’m not really big into angel and demon books. Although this book was borderline extreme in some of the idealism behind Christianity- the plot was entertaining but often frustrating. Like most angel/demon books, this plot was about good versus evil and the ultimate war. And the one person who could save everything is the angelic virgin. Even though the plot was typical, the author was still able to mix things up enough to create surprising events.

There were a couple things that irritated me about this book- all revolving around the main character Genevieve. Genevieve is this extremely good looking, kick ass, strong character. She has had no problem with abstaining from sex until she meets Jude. Granted, he is described as extremely sexy, strong, and all around alpha type. But come on! After 20 years of not even the smallest temptation, she now struggled keeping things in her pants. Sure, ok…

The other thing that irritated me is how Genevieve is supposedly a black belt but is unable to take care of herself. It doesn’t matter if she faces supernatural demons or regular humans, she is constantly needing the help of Jude and others. The scene that really irritated me was when she was fighting off Nathaniel from his sexual advances. For some unknown reason she was unable to do this without killing him. One would think someone who was a black belt would be able to cause some serious damage- at least be able to fend off an attacker.

The book was fun but I struggled getting past a lot of the strong Christian ideals. There was just to many things that didn’t make sense or I felt were contradictions. Overall, an ok book.

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