Punctured, Bruised, and Barely Tattooed


Author: Jade Jamison                                                                                                   Published: September 30, 2014                                                                                          Pages: 215

Stars: 5 out of 5


Kory McCallister has had her eyes on tattoo artist Stone Bowman for quite some time—so long, in fact, that no other guy will do. Stone pushes every turn on button Kory has—he’s tattooed from head to toe; he’s hot; he’s funny and charming; and he’s also mysterious. So when Kory’s friends dare her to ask Stone out on a date, she can’t believe she actually finds the guts to do it.

More surprising? He takes her up on the offer.

She discovers that, while his past might not be quite as dark or mysterious as she’d imagined, it’s bigger than she’d expected, and it’s something she will need to contend with if she decides she wants to keep him around to color her life for good.


This book was surprisingly easy to fall into. Before you know it, you’ve read fourteen chapters and you have to make yourself put down the book and accomplish something. The author did a fantastic job creating realistic characters- people you can easily picture in your everyday life. The plot flowed with ease and I loved it!

The main character Kory is young and in college studying to become a business major. To say she is obsessed with the local tattoo artist Stone, is a mild understatement! To feed her obsession (and maybe the darkness within herself) and to feel his hands on her, she continues to get piercings from him, even though she is deathly scared of needles. Although Kory is young, she has witness and experienced more than most people- including abuse, starvation, and horrific fear. The more time and the more involved Kory gets with Stone, the more secrets from her past begin to unwind. Everything she thought she got over is now resurfacing with a vengeance. But Lucky for her, Stone is there to help.

Again this book was a great read! The book felt real, the plot wasn’t to far fetched.

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