Feral (Once Bitten Twice Shy #1)


Author: Anne Berkeley                                                                                                Published: October 26, 2014                                                                                              Pages: 378

Stars: 3 out of 5


Thaleia Llorente isn’t afraid of the dark, and doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but when an incident during a party on Halloween night sends her fleeing into the woods in search of seclusion, she’ll come face to face with one of the creatures she had thought lived only in myths and legends.

Bitten, she’ll need the protection and the help of Icarus Quirinus, her newfound and loathed alpha, to guide her through her transformation and descent into the dangerous world of lycan. Despite his constant need to dominate her, she feels an irresistible and undeniable attraction to him, but can they look past their differences, or will the secrets he holds and her refusal to cede, drive them further apart?


This book was interesting but the plot was a bit on the weak side. The concept was good but it either wasn’t executed well enough or the scene was filled with immature topics to fill in the voids. The main character is Thaleia who is model attractive. She walks in on her boyfriend having sex with her best friend. He chases after her and ends up biting her, thus launching the story of her turning into a werewolf. The local pack alpha, Icarus, ends up saving her and bringing her into his pack.

Icarus is an odd character. He is twenty-five but often acts like a young teen. I think the author was trying to portray him as a strong alpha male but he comes across more childish. He often reverts to spanking Thaleia and the way it’s portrayed it ridiculous.

Thaleia’s character was at times annoying but I did like her sense of humor. The only thing that really irritated me was how often her moods would change. Within the same chapter she went from loving Icarus to hating him and then loving him again. Um ok… Then wanting to mate with him to wanting to kill herself, to being in love with him again. Yeah… Not sure that needs more of an explanation.

Some of the scenes were difficult to follow and the author didn’t do a very good job of explaining/detailing things. Overall, I did finish the book and it was enjoyable.

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