How to Seduce a Billionaire

How to Seduce

Author: Portia Costa                                                                                                    Published: September 15, 2015                                                                                          Pages: 393

Stars: 1 out of 5


Twenty-nine year old virgin Jess Lockhart has had to put her life on hold due to family commitments, but now it’s time to break out and start enjoying sex and love. Trickily for her, years of artistic dreaming and fantasising about her first ever lover have given her impossibly high standards where men are concerned. She’s not about to do the deed with just any old male that crosses her path. He has to be Mr Right, or at the very least Mr Sex, right for now, and a super special, superior example of his gender. Nothing less will do…

Ellis McKenna has all the credentials to be Jess’s ‘Dream Lover’. He’s gorgeous, accomplished, capable and a fabulous lover, and he also just happens to be the scion of a family whose international assets can be counted in the billions. He’s perfect Mr Right material, apart from one thing… the thing that makes him Mr Wrong for any woman wanting a relationship. Ellis is a grieving widower who’s sworn never to love again. He wants sex, yes, and plenty of it, as a way to forget his pain… but his deeper heart is locked away by regret and sorrow.

Can this unusual couple put aside their issues and enjoy a simple seduction? Or will life’s complexities put a spanner in the works?


This book is about taking a chance- with love, opening yourself up, and showing vulnerability.

Jess is a 29 year old virgin who masterbates to an imaginary person who she calls ‘dream lover’. Not only that but she fantasizes about this imaginary person. Comparing ‘him’ to all the imperfect men in the world because of course this imaginary man is perfect. Luck as it may be, Jess ends up running into a real perfect man who also happens to be the billionaire who runs the insurance company she works at.

Ellis McKenna is not the typical alpha, strong, and overpowering male. He seems more like someone who is lost and looking for something but isnt sure what that something is exactly. Ellis lost his wife and daughters in a tragic accident and because of this, he only has what he calls ‘four weekers’ with women. That is until Jess comes along.

Jess’s inner monologue in this book is far to slow and not only drags on and on but it’s also the kind of thoughts a young adolescent may have about Prince Charming. The kind of sappy idealism that makes your stomach turn. Not, might I point out, the thoughts of a 29 year. Almost nothing about her screams she is older than a young teenager. For instance, when she is having a conversation with her new boss, she says this to him: “I mean, your like the super duper boss of me”. I found myself wanting to skip her inner monologue, hoping the story will speed up more.

The first part of the book is awkward and ridiculous. It’s obvious from Jess’s inner monologue that she is infatuated with her new boss. But when he approaches her, she lies and is rather rude to him. I guess you can’t really expect to much from a person who would rather fantasize about an imaginary person than accept the advances of a real one. And then she yells out that her secret about being special is that she is a virgin. I’m not sure I would be comfortable telling a stranger, let alone my boss, something that personal. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

Overall, the book was ok. Although it did get better, I just wasn’t able to get into it. Jess’s character was far to immature, annoying, and awkward. I’m sorry, this book just wasn’t for me.

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